Cariloha Bamboo Spotlighted as Being Most Versatile Plant on Earth

Cariloha Bamboo Spotlighted as Being Most Versatile Plant on Earth

For decades now, media reporters, scientists and industry leaders have touted bamboo as the most sustainable, versatile plant species on the planet. A recent news article provides its own unique, eye-witness encounter with bamboo. Here’s what they had to say:

Could Bamboo Be the Most Versatile Plant on Earth?
By Chad McKenzie

This morning during the Main Street Cafe, I learned more about bamboo than I ever thought possible. Beth Abbott of Cariloha stopped by for a visit. Beth is the person who purchased the Main Street Cafe takeover at Jungle Jubilee back in August.

Each year, Beth Warden and I donate an entire show to be auctioned off during the fundraiser, helping the Great Plains Zoo raise money for the various animal exhibits and overall operation – because, as you can imagine, it takes A LOT to run a zoo.

All I knew going into today’s show was the top bidder was Beth Abbott and she owned a bamboo store at the Mall of America. We weren’t long into the conversation, however, when she had me hanging on her every word.

Wow! I had no idea bamboo could be used for so many things.

Other than being the favorite food of [Panda] Bears, the only other use for bamboo I knew of was flooring. Recently, some friends of ours installed bamboo flooring on the main level of their house. Other than that, I was completely clueless.

After spending only a few minutes with Beth, I quickly learned that bamboo is used for so many other things. In fact, she was kind enough to give both Beth Warden and me a bamboo towel and bamboo socks. Wow! Who knew bamboo could be so soft?!

She told us how bamboo is used in all sorts of clothing, bedding, linens, workout gear – even underwear. And the cool part about bamboo is how sustainable it is. Beth was saying how there are some types of bamboo that can grow in as little as two weeks.

After spending the better part of the morning hanging with my new friend Beth Abbott, I can tell you one thing – the next time I’m visiting the Mall of America, the first store I’m going to is Cariloha. I can’t wait to see what else Beth has in her store.

If you just can’t wait until your next visit to the Twin Cities (which, I’ll be honest, will most likely be me), Beth’s phone number is (952) 854-1021 and the website of Cariloha is Check it out. Bamboo is pretty cool stuff!