Cariloha Bamboo Sheets Rated No. 1 by Sleep Advisor

Cariloha Bamboo Sheets Rated No. 1 by Sleep Advisor

Are you having troubles falling asleep? Do you feel uncomfortable every night? Do you wake up sweaty? Your mattress is not the only thing that helps to get a good night sleep – the bedding you sleep in is also a principal component. If you don’t have proper bed linen, these issues are likely to happen more often than you’d like them to.

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Are you using regular cotton bedding? There are numerous fabrics which promise abundant advantages, and we are here to take a closer look at bamboo fiber sheets.

If you’re in a hurry check out the Cariloha linen. Luxurious sateen finish and sustainable manufacturing process are just some of the reasons for making them our top pick for this category. Check them out and see if they’re good for you.

They managed to rise to fame mainly because they not only have strong antifungal and antibacterial properties, but they are also perfect for regulating body temperature. Their built-in resistance to mildew and mold seems to be one of the main things which manage to catch people’s attention.

Although, there are more specifications to consider, so we have taken the liberty of walking you through the process. We hope that once you are done reading, you will have made up your mind when it comes to getting the perfect set of sheets.

Cariloha Sateen finish, box-stitch seams and sustainable material $$ 9.7/10

Why Choose Bamboo Sheets

There are a lot of good reasons to consider bamboo bed linen. Right off the bat, they are, as we’ve mentioned, antifungal and antibacterial. Another word for that is hypoallergenic – in other words, bacteria can’t thrive in them thanks to the properties and natural characteristics of the fabric. You can rest assured that catching a contagious cold through bamboo linen is not something that would happen.

At the same time, this type of bedding allows you to achieve an environment where proper care is not compromised thanks to the soft and comfortable materials that make up these sheets.

Additionally, the fabric itself is particularly comfortable, and therefore can be directly attributed to a proper night of sleep. They are also quite affordable compared to other high-end types of bed linen, and that’s another check in the pros column.


Cariloha brings quite a lot of unique perks on the table.

The sheets made by the company are, luxurious, and they have a very nice and gentle sateen finish which is going to provide a sleeping environment which is far softer than the regular, smooth feel.

They offer extra deep pockets as well as an advanced box-stitch seam construction which makes them more durable.

They manage to prevent body heat retention, and so your sleep will be very cool – typically, they maintain a temperature which is about three degrees cooler compared to their cotton counterparts.

This guarantees that you will feel very comfortable throughout the entire year. All the pieces in the set are environmentally friendly as they are created in a manner which saves more trees.

There are no herbicides and pesticides, or any other types of harmful chemicals used in the entire process.

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How to Care for Your Bamboo Bed Sheets

If you want to make sure that your bed linen lasts you for a longer period, you must take proper care of it. Almost all bamboo linen must be washed with cold water. If you are using a machine washer, you ought to make sure that you are using a gentle cycle. You shouldn’t use any harsh bleach or fabric softeners as well.

These sheets are quite prone to wrinkles, and to prevent them from getting them, you have to remove them immediately out of the dryer and make sure to place them on the bed as soon as you can. In certain situations, though, you might have to iron your bed linen.