Cariloha Bamboo Bath Towels Spotlighted on Bustle

Cariloha Bamboo Bath Towels Spotlighted on Bustle

The 5 Best Odor Resistant Bath Towels

Finding the perfect towels is no easy feat, especially when you have specific features you’re looking for like odor resistance. Sure, you want them to be durable and comfortable, but the best odor resistant bath towels are all that and more.

So, what makes a towel resistant to odors? Some fabrics, like bamboo, are naturally odor resistant. However, when choosing the best bath towel, you’ll want to keep other buzzwords in mind. According to Consumer Reports, there are three key factors that, when used well, make for a great towel: absorbency, durability, and softness. A towel’s thickness can have a huge effect on its absorbency and drying time, but some odor-resistant ones have additional specs like antimicrobial fabrics. These fabrics prevent the spread of odor-causing bacteria to nip any potential smells in the bud.

After doing my research and analyzing customer feedback, I’ve determined the best towels you can buy that won’t acquire their own stench over time. Here, shop a list of the most odor-resistant towels you can get on Amazon. And if you’re looking to make even more bathroom changes, up the ante and check out all the weird but genius things that make your shower way more hygienic.

1. The Overall Best Odor-Resistant Towels


Cariloha Bamboo Odor Resistant Bath Towel

This Cariloha odor-resistant bamboo bath towel is the overall best pick, because it has a high absorbency and just so happens to be the most odor resistant. Bamboo is naturally odor resistant, and this towel — made from a luxurious-feeling blend of bamboo yarn and cotton — is, as the brand describes, “not too thin, and not too thick — just right.” It’s moisture-wicking and available in seven different colors, from crisp white to tropical mint.

2. A Hotel-Quality Towel That Still Resists Odors

Chakir Turkish Linens Turkish Cotton Towel

In terms of odor resistance, this Chakir Turkish Linens Turkish cotton towel scores a hair lower, but makes up for that with its top of the line feel. With over 3,000 reviews on Amazon, it’s safe to say customers love this towel’s “hotel” vibes. It’s sustainable and made using 100 percent Turkish cotton that’s free of any chemicals. Plus, it softens with each machine wash, while remaining durable, thanks to its double-stitched hems. It’s available in a set of four and 16 different color options.

3. A Budget-Friendly Towel Set

Pinzon Egyptian Cotton 6-Piece Towel Set

In terms of quality on a budget, this Pinzon Egyptian cotton six-piece towel set is a great option, because it has everything you need including hand towels and washcloths — all for only $24. Each towel super absorbent and naturally resistant to odors, but here’s the best part: Compared to ones made with stiffer fabrics, these medium-weight, 100 percent cotton towels are less likely to shed after each wash. They’re available in nine different colors and come highly-rated with nearly 7,000 reviews.

4. Also Great: A Heavy Option With Maximum Absorbency

Jml Heavy Bamboo Bath Towels

If you prefer heavier towels, then the Jml heavy bamboo bath towels are worth a try. These towels are made from 90 percent bamboo fabric — so similar in softness to the Cariloha bamboo towel — but a bit thicker and more absorbent with all the same odor-fighting abilities. They’re also wrinkle resistant with UV protection and come in a two-pack with eight different color combinations.

5. A Lightweight Microfiber Towel That’s Perfect For Travel

Incite Elite Microfiber Towel with Hand Towel and Bag

Frequent travelers, you need a space-saving towel like the Incite Elite microfiber towel. Made from fast-drying microfiber, this towel is vastly different than the others — but still moisture-wicking and odor-resisting in all the right ways. It’s easy to clean and store, weighs just 10.4 ounces, and has a loop for easy hanging. What’s more, it also comes with a protective carrying case and a free hand towel.