Business Insider Selects Cariloha as Best Place for Men’s Pajamas

Business Insider Selects Cariloha as Best Place for Men’s Pajamas

Business Insider’s Andrew Amelinckx includes Cariloha men’s pajamas, made of sustainable viscose from bamboo, in his article, “The 5 best places to buy men’s pajamas, whether you’re looking to keep cool or cozy”. He talks about the pajamas being very breathable, stretchy and easy to sleep in. Business Insider is an American financial and business news site and receives 114 million unique U.S. visitors a month across all its sites.

The 5 best places to buy men’s pajamas, whether you’re looking to keep cool or cozy

By Andrew Amelinckx

Studies show a good night’s sleep is vital for your physical and mental health, and general quality of life. If you’re one of the 73% of U.S. adults who sleep in some sort of pajamas, it may be time to rethink the material your pjs are made from. If you don’t currently sleep in pajamas, you might want to reevaluate that choice. There’s now growing evidence that what you decide to sleep in may play a role in how well you sleep. Different fabrics interact with our bodies in different ways and that means finding the right pajamas for your body and even the season could be the key to better zzzs.

The innate properties of a pajama’s fabric are key to finding yourself the perfect pair, according to the non-profit National Sleep Foundation. Materials like Merino wool wick moisture and regulate temperature, while modal is made from beech tree pulp that’s more sustainable than cotton since it requires less water to produce.

Regardless of your preferred pajama style, the below brands are the best places to shop for sleepwear. Just note that, while this guide is geared towards men’s sizing, anyone can wear these pajamas regardless of gender. Be aware that they have a roomier cut than many pjs labeled under women’s sizing, so if you’re looking for slimmer cuts, check out that guide.

These are the best places to shop for men’s pajamas in 2021:


The Utah-based sleepwear and bedding company Cariloha is another brand focused on sustainably made super comfortable pjs.

Sizing options: S – 2XL

The bamboo used in Cariloha’s pajamas is sustainable since bamboo isn’t a water-intensive crop, doesn’t require pesticide, and is a renewable resource. Bamboo is actually a type of grass, with some species able to grow two to three feet a day. Cariloha uses a closed loop system that’s better for the environment to produce the bamboo pulp used for the fabric, according to Scott Brady, the company’s Communications VP. Cariloha’s bamboo farm is in China’s Sichuan Province, Brady said. The sleepwear is made in Fair Trade certified factories in India.

Cariloha’s men’s Sleep Pants are made from 67% bamboo and 28% organic cotton with the addition of 5% spandex for added stretch. They have a very soft but not silky handfeel. Some customers on the Cariloha website felt the sizing was off, but I found them to fit as expected. They have an elasticized drawstring waistband.

The pants don’t have a working fly, but do feature three decorative buttons down the front. They are wide through the leg and pool a bit at the ankle, a typical style for men’s sleep pants. The roominess is welcome when it’s time for bed since they don’t cling to the body.

I found them to be very breathable, stretchy, and easy to sleep in. The Sleep Crew Shirt has short sleeves and is roomy without being too boxy. I didn’t find it to be snug or clingy. The sleep pants and shirt come in two colors, charcoal gray and indigo heather.

Cariloha also offers Sleep Shorts made from the same material as the company’s other men’s sleepwear. They fit loose at the leg and hit just above the knee. These are great for summer. Like the sleep pants, they have an elasticized drawstring waistband and don’t have a working fly.

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