Best Gift for Your New Girlfriend: Cariloha Bamboo Sheets

Best Gift for Your New Girlfriend: Cariloha Bamboo Sheets

Heavy’s Kay Braeburn and Matt Malmlund research and pull together their top recommendations for girlfriend gifts, including Cariloha bamboo sheets, in their article, “54 Best Gifts for Your New Girlfriend.” They talk about how Cariloha sheets are good for her and the environment and will give her the comfortable, good rest she deserves. Heavy is a news, entertainment and shopping publication with more than 28.2 million unique monthly visitors.


54 Best Gifts for Your New Girlfriend

By Kay Braeburn & Matt Malmlund

Looking for a gift that isn’t too sappy or overly romantic? Whether you need a gift for your casual girlfriend, or for a woman you think might be the one, there’s something on this list of the best gifts for your new girlfriend that strikes just the right balance you’re looking for.

Cariloha Classic Bamboo Sheets

Our Review

Good for her, and good for the environment. Naturally, we’d love you to give your wife a brand new bed on a tropical beach, but in this instance, we’re merely suggesting gifts for your wife with a bit more practical thought in mind – her comfort and good rest. That’s why we think she’d be delighted to receive this set of luxury resort-quality bamboo sheets for her birthday.

First, she’ll love that these sheets are sustainable because they’re made with bamboo fiber, and bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the planet. Second, she’ll love that they’re moisture-wicking, temperature regulating and naturally hypoallergenic and odor repelling. In fact, these wonder sheets will let her sleep three degrees cooler at night, and if she’s someone who sleeps hot, this is huge. Not all cooling sheets are created equal, but these are at the top of our list of faves.

So you started a new relationship shortly before your partner’s birthday, Valentine’s Day, or Christmas. You’re probably stressing. Finding a gift is always a bit stressful, but sometimes it’s more stressful when you celebrate with someone new. If the big day rolls around and you guys still aren’t at the “I love you” phase, things can get awkward.

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