Cariloha: Behind-the-Seams Designer Series – Aimee Olson

Cariloha: Behind-the-Seams Designer Series – Aimee Olson

Cariloha was born in the islands, and our passion for comfort and sustainability started there – helping you sleep, live, and feel every day like you do on vacation. Bringing you the best in sustainable luxury doesn’t happen by itself, though. So, who are those creative minds behind developing and designing all our soft, sustainable bedding, bath, and apparel?

We’re going inside the minds and homes of Cariloha Creatives, as part of our Behind the Seams Designer Series, to learn how they combine Caribbean Style with Aloha Spirit to create A Comfy Way to Save the Planet.™ 

Meet Aimee Olson, Cariloha Sr. Product Manager, who shares her passion for designing premium, carbon-neutral products that let you experience the comfort and quality of a beach resort in your own home.

Question: Where does your inspiration come from when designing/creating Cariloha products?

Answer: After 18 years in the apparel and fashion industry, I tend to pull inspiration from everything around me. One of my favorite ways to get inspired is by nature. I keep my workspace filled with living things – plants around my desk, my dog always underfoot, the birds and the backyard squirrels are always inspiring me to keep our planet in mind when creating new product. I strive to think and be more eco-minded before any other design trend.

Question: What are different bedroom or bed design looks that you like these days?

Answer: I am a big supporter of designing your space however it makes you happy. As long as it brings comfort and joy, there are no rules! Some of my favorite trends are…

Cottage Core – Cozy and chic elements to bring the outside in.

Eclectic Mixing and Matching – Blending grandmas knit throw with luxurious bed sheets make for a balanced room. 

Bold, Modern Design – I love rich jewel tones and clean modern designs. 

Minimalist Bedding Design – Using more solids and textures rather than prints on the bed.

Biophilic Trend – Keeping plants in the bedroom make a huge impact in design and mood.

Sustainability – From using sustainable bamboo-viscose textiles to shopping for an eclectic secondhand piece.

Question: What attracted you to work at Cariloha?

Answer: From harvesting rainwater to growing my own food, I try to be as sustainable as possible in my personal life, so when I saw the sustainable mission Cariloha strives for, it seemed like a perfect fit.

Question: What’s your go-to Cariloha product?

Answer: The sheets! Absolutely the sheets. I sleep like a baby (minus the 2 a.m. feedings) all cozied up in these sheets at night.

Question: What do you like most about Cariloha product?

Answer: I love how everything is sustainably made, and the comfort is indescribable. It really does feel like I’m laying in a luxurious hotel bed in the comfort of my own home.

Question: What do you wish customers knew about Cariloha products?

Answer: I wish customers knew just how much passion goes into designing/creating the product. It’s months of research, designing and re-designing to make sure we’re making something they’ll absolutely love.

Question: Why do you design the way you do?

Answer: We have a saying here at Cariloha, it’s A Comfy Way to Save the Planet™. When I’m designing something, I truly want to make it something that not only will enhance a customer’s way of living but also helps our planet. 

When Aimee’s not designing buttery soft bamboo products, you can find her at home utilizing her green thumb in her organically grown garden and playing with her loyal Dachshund dog in her backyard.

Providing the best in sustainable luxury is what everyone at Cariloha strives for. Making a better earth today for future generations tomorrow.