Behind the Seams – Cariloha Designer Series with Ezra Lee Design + Build

Behind the Seams – Cariloha Designer Series with Ezra Lee Design + Build

Cariloha recently teamed up with Ezra Lee Design + Build, a designer firm that builds homes all the way from the architectural blueprints and the construction to the final interior design details. They build and design homes from beginning to end, literally.

We sat down with Shantae Broadbent, one of Ezra Lee’s senior interior designers, to learn more about what inspires her to design the amazing resort-quality home interiors.

“As a designer, I pull inspiration from various areas,” said Shantae. “Inspiration can come from different textures and the surroundings that we live in. I’ll also pull from other designers and architects to ultimately create something that’s my own.”

Looking to re-design your bedroom? One of Shantae’s favorite tips is to keep a bedroom simple and minimalist. “Your bedroom should be a retreat from your everyday life,” Broadbent said. That’s why she loves to design with Cariloha. Our buttery-soft sheets, duvets and duvet covers make it easy to grab everything you’d need to create a relaxing, resort-like environment.

One of Shantae’s favorite things to design right now is a bold powder bathroom. She loves a bright color, fun wallpaper or doing something different with the vanity to have a little fun and create a unique, bold look. 

Get a little adventurous when designing your bathroom and make it a space unlike anything else. Don’t forget to add some quality comfort with Cariloha’s luxuriously soft, sustainable bath towels.

What does it take to design a home for a client? According to Shantae, “When it comes to staging a home, keep life’s needs and schedules in mind. Make sure the home works for your life, your family and your overall lifestyle.” 

That’s why, as a designer, it’s so important to study many different textures, styles, and trends, so we can be flexible to our clients’ visions and needs,  seeing the bigger picture of form and function.

If you’re looking to design your own home, consider some of these tips from Shantae and Ezra Lee Design + Build:

“When designing your own space, think about things you like and what brings you joy.” 

“It doesn’t matter what your neighbors or mom think – it’s about what’s going to function for you and your family and make you happy.” 

“What may be on trend today could very well change tomorrow. Consider more long-term design and pick pieces that are trendy but also timeless. You’re the one who has to live in the space, so make it something you’ll enjoy.”

“Keep the more expensive pieces as a neutral color and add a pop of color with accessories like pillows and blankets. Accessories are much easier to switch out than replacing your entire sofa.”

What are some of your favorite ways to change the look and feel of your home? Let us know in the comments.