Bamboo Sheets Help Bomb-Sniffing Dog Relax

army dog enjoying bamboo sheets

This smiling German Shepherd knows all too well how you feel after arriving home from a hard day’s work, collapsing onto your bamboo bed sheets, and saying to your spouse, “I’m dog-tired,” which is quickly followed by a sigh of comfort from the softness of your sheets.

Dennis, former Onboard Media Shopping Guide, whom you may have met while sailing the Caribbean Seas on a luxury cruise ship, sent us this message about his dog, Zino, who is an explosive-detector dog that works extremely hard to protect others from harm.

He took over Dennis’ bamboo sheets, and he seems really relaxed and happy about it, too. Dennis said, “The bamboo sheets are keeping me and Zino cool and relaxed in Baghdad.”

army dog enjoying bamboo sheets

Glad to know that Cariloha Bamboo is helping you out on those dog-tired days. Thanks for sending us your pictures.