Bamboo Essentials for Fall

Bamboo Essentials for Fall

Fall is officially here, and we’ve created a list of bamboo essentials to make this season even comfier.

1. Bamboo Bedding. Bamboo fabrics maintain a thermal-regulating property, which keeps you cooler or warmer depending on the temperature. With that in mind, getting out of bed becomes an even bigger chore than normal. These crazy-soft bamboo sheets are a staple for year-round use. As the weather cools down, stay warm and cool in a new set of bamboo sheets!

2. Bamboo Hoodies. Your wardrobe won’t be complete without this fall essential. Cariloha’s lightweight hoodie is breathable, comfortable and flexible and will watch your back in all-weather conditions. These neutral colors make it easy to match any outfit for any occasion.

3. Bamboo Scarves. Wrap yourself in bamboo comfort with a new bamboo scarf. Some scarves are meant for warmth and some are designed to accent your wardrobe but, thanks to bamboo, you get both and so much more. In cooler weather, when you’re sweating and trying to keep the chill away, bamboo’s moisture-wicking properties are a helpful benefit.

4. Bamboo Socks. Have the happiest feet around this fall with Cariloha Bamboo Socks. We have socks for any style or setting. Curl up with a book wearing our bamboo Softy Socks or head out for a night on the town with our stylish bamboo boot socks. You can find boot socks with bright and bold stripes that draw the eye, or dark trouser socks that are simple and understated and everything in between. This is about more than just colors and styles, though. We’ve refined our fabric to provide a soft, comfortable fit you expect with the durability to stand up to extended use.

5. Bamboo Headbands. Take control of your hair, however you wear it, and stay stylish this season with Cariloha’s new bamboo headbands. Combining style and performance, these bamboo headbands are the perfect wardrobe essential to keep your head warm this fall. They’re perfect for every-day fashion statements or for hitting the gym.

Fall weather can be so much more enjoyable with bamboo fabric against your skin. So, be prepared, enhance your wardrobe, and complement your style. Cariloha offers you fashionable options to match your high-quality expectations. Take advantage this fall and integrate bamboo into your everyday style.