Bamboo Bath Towels, Bath Robes Make Bath Time Cozyy

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Home Sweet Home: Cariloha Bamboo Review
By MommyandMe

Hi everyone, Lisa here with a great review from Cariloha Bamboo! I am completely hooked on bamboo products. I love the look of bamboo wood, and I love the feel of bamboo cloth. So I was excited when Cariloha Bamboo agreed to work with me on a review and giveaway! I will be doing a couple of reviews and giveaways for them, but this first one is specifically for our Home Sweet Home event. Two items they sent me were their Bamboo Robe and their Bamboo Towels.

I got the Bamboo Towels in chocolate to match the brown in my bathroom. I had some chocolate brown towels already, but these bamboo towels are so much nicer! The set includes a regular bath towel, a hand towel, and a washcloth. One thing I love about these towels is they are so absorbent! I knew bamboo was a very absorbent cloth, from using bamboo cloth diapers in the past, but I never thought about how nice that would be in a towel. There are times, when using regular towels, that I wash my hands and dry them on the hand towel and that hand towel is still very wet from the last couple of times it was used. Or I dry myself off with a regular towel after my shower and dry my hair, and the towel is soaked. These bamboo towels do not get soaked like that. Yes, they absorb the water, but they do not feel soaking wet. I can mostly dry my short, fine hair after my shower with one of these towels and it absorbs it all and dries quickly. And don’t even get me started on just how soft they are! I don’t even want to use my other towels after using these bamboo ones, because the other towels feel almost rough after the softness of bamboo — and my other towels are not cheap towels either.

They have apparently discontinued the exact towel set I received, but you can buy other bamboo towel sets at Cariloha Bamboo for $69.

I have wanted a bath robe, especially with sharing a house now with my mom and brother. So I was excited to get the Bamboo Bath Robe from Cariloha Bamboo! It comes in 2 sizes, S/M and L/XL. Unfortunately, although I got the L/XL size, it is just a little too small for me. But I am on a diet and losing weight, so I’m hoping in a month or two it will fit better. It almost fits, just does not close completely toward the bottom. I doubt most people would have this problem, but I have about a 50-53 inch waist right now. I did try it on, and even wore it to keep warm in the mornings.

This bath robe is extremely soft, just like the towels, and seems to be high quality and made well. I love that it has pockets, since I wear it in place of a jacket on colder mornings. I can put my phone in my robe pocket to easily access it, instead of in my pajama pants pockets. It has turn-back cuffs and a cozy-shawl collar, so not only is it soft and comfortable, but also stylish!

You can buy this bamboo bath robe at Cariloha Bamboo for $89.