6 Surprising Things That Can Be Made From Bamboo


Bamboo has gained massive popularity in recent years for its green credentials, accessibility, and versatile nature. Everyone’s seen bamboo fencing and bamboo floorboards, but you might be surprised to know that these five goods are made from bamboo, too!

Bed Sheets: A Soft and Sustainable Sleep

If you’re used to seeing bamboo in its original cane form, you might be surprised to discover bamboo can actually be turned into luxuriously soft bed sheets and other linens. The secret is bamboo’s naturally rounded fibers, which don’t feel abrasive against the skin like some other materials.

The Resort Bamboo Bed Sheets available from Cariloha are made from 320 thread count bamboo sateen, so they’re much softer than classic sheets that have a 230 thread count. Bamboo’s natural softness is enhanced with a sateen finish for the ultimate night’s sleep.

Resort Bamboo Bed Sheets cost $239 for queen size and $259 for king at Cariloha.

Baby Wipes: An Sustainable Alternative to Traditional Wipes

Traditional baby wipes are a nightmare for environmentalists, a single-use product usually made from non-biodegradable materials doused in a chemical cocktail. Bum Boosa came up with a better solution with its bamboo baby wipes. Bamboo is a sustainable material, so it makes the perfect choice for disposable wipes. Rather than chemicals, Bum Boosa’s wipes are enhanced with essential oils and plant-based ingredients.

Twelve packs of Bamboo Baby Wipes are available from Bum Boosa for $59.99.

Toilet Paper: A Planet-Saving Way to Flush

Did you know that the world’s flushing the equivalent of 27,000 trees down the toilet every day? That’s the toll that traditional toilet paper takes on the planet. Bamboo toilet paper sounds a bit weird, but the soft fibers quickly convert anyone that’s not sure about the idea.

Several companies sell sustainable toilet paper made from a mix of bamboo and sugarcane, but Bum Boosa is one of the only firms to produce toilet paper made entirely from bamboo.

Bum Boosa sells 36 rolls of its 220/3-ply bamboo toilet paper for $46.35.

Skateboards: Ollie the Green Way

Bamboo fans say that you can do anything with bamboo that you can with wood, so perhaps this isn’t such a surprising product after all. However, you’d surely turn heads if you arrived at the skate park with one of BambooKI’s beauties. This online store sells bamboo skateboards ranging from 32 inches to 44 inches. It also has a variety of skateboard shapes and designs that help bring out the natural beauty of their bamboo finish.

Prices start at $55 with wheels, or $30 for the deck alone from BambooKI.

Deodorizers and Dehumidifiers: Eliminate Odors and Moisture Around the Home Naturally

We’re becoming familiar with material and wood made from bamboo, but bamboo charcoal is just beginning to hit the mainstream. This unique substance is crafted from the moso bamboo, a vigorous growing plant that can reach heights of 60 feet in just a couple of months. As it grows so rapidly, millions of tiny holes appear in the plant. These holes give the bamboo charcoal its unique deodorizing properties. The Chinese have used it for centuries, but the Western world’s only just beginning to catch up.

The odor eliminating properties of bamboo charcoal are four times more potent than traditional charcoal. You can use it to get rid of odors in your fridge, gym bag, diaper pail, pet’s litter box, and more. Bamboo charcoal also absorbs moisture, so it works as a great dehumidifier for closets and drawers.

EverBamboo sells bamboo deodorizers and dehumidifiers in a range of sizes from $7.99.

Bamboo’s versatility means it can be used to make virtually anything, including the amazing items highlighted in this article.