6 Luxury Bamboo Products You Won’t Want to Live Without


Bamboo and luxury are two words you might not normally associate with one another. After all, bamboo is lauded as an economical and sustainable material with nearly unlimited uses. But bamboo has become the material of choice for designers of the most luxurious consumer products in today’s fashion world. Don’t get left out of the bamboo revolution. Check out these luxurious bamboo products you can’t live without.

Bamboo Xiaomi Mi Note Smartphone

Earlier versions of the Mi Note smartphone had been available on Chinese markets for months before Xiaomi decided to launch a bamboo version of its popular mobile device. The new bamboo Mi Note showcases the beautiful variations in this natural fiber and appeals to the eco-conscious consumers in the smartphone market. The bamboo Xiaomi phone isn’t scheduled for release in North American markets any time soon, but its success in China is sure to inspire North American manufacturers to develop and release a copy-cat line.

The Bamboo (f)Route POD

Move over, camping, and make room for “glamping,” or glamorous camping. Giant Grass Design, an Australian bamboo architectural design firm, created an elegant temporary structure made of laminated bamboo strips. The structure, called a (f)Route POD, is constructed with eight petal-shaped modules anchored by a platform of shipping pallets. In less than an hour, two industrious people can erect a modern, semi-permanent space that can serve as guest quarters, a studio, a space for reflection and meditation, or even for glamping in the wild.

Grovemade iPhone Dock

Grovemade is a high-end creator of hand-crafted wood and bamboo desk goods. Using beautiful high-quality sustainable materials, Grovemade creates sculpturally inspired pieces such as laptop stands, iPhone cases, and docking stands. It’s limited edition bamboo iPhone dock is stunning, functional, and in high demand. Although the Grovemade iPhone dock costs about three times that of its competitors, its simple yet sophisticated design and luxurious bamboo materials make it a bold statement for people who embrace the green lifestyle.

Audez’e LCD2 Headphones

These state-of-the-art headphones are engineered around one uniting principle: To precisely recreate sound exactly as the artist created it. Each component is chosen to accurately reproduce sound, from the ear pads to the push-pull magnetic structure. The ear cups of these incredibly beautiful and high-tech headphones are constructed from environmentally sustainable bamboo and Caribbean rosewood. The $850 price tag can be a turn-off, but the headphones’ superior performance and unmatched appearance are worth it for many discerning audiophiles.

Cariloha’s Bamboo Bedding

It’s no secret that a good night’s sleep is often considered a luxury, yet it’s essential to your physical health and sense of well-being. It improves your ability to think on your feet, learn new skills, and get along with others. If you aren’t sleeping well, your life suffers. Naturally luxurious bamboo sheets by Cariloha solve a multitude of sleeping problems. Whether you suffer from hot flashes, hate the scratchy feel of cotton-blend fabrics, or worry about more sustainable textiles, you’ll sleep better in bamboo sheets. Bamboo textiles have a sheen that rivals silk, and a hand feel that compares to cashmere. Bamboo-viscose fabrics get softer with every wash, and they resist unsightly and uncomfortable pilling that interfere with deep sleep. Most bamboo sheets have a 300 to 400 bamboo thread count, which actually exceeds the softness and comfort of 1,000-count Egyptian cotton sheets.

Bamboo Revolution Bamboo Watch

A young French entrepreneur started her company, Bamboo Revolution, as part of a business school project at the University of Cape Town. The project required Ms. de Castro and her teammates to design an environmentally sustainable product new to South Africa and aimed at a younger market segment. De Castro came up with a watch that incorporated a dial made from bamboo strips and interchangeable leather bands. The bamboo watch was so successful, de Castro hopes to turn it into an international brand. In fact, she recently became one of 18 finalists in a field of 1,600 for international luxury brand Cartier’s Women’s Initiative Awards.

Treat yourself to a little bamboo luxury; it’s an environmentally responsible and guilt-free pleasure.