50 Bamboo Socks for 50 U.S. Soldiers

Bamboo Socks Donated to HS11 Dragonslayers of the USS Enterprise

Cariloha recently donated 50 pairs of ultra-soft bamboo socks to the amazing folks on the USS Enterprise for the ship’s 50th and final voyage. The crew absolutely LOVED the socks!

Big thanks to the HS11 Dragonslayers USS Enterprise!

May the bamboo be with you!

Here are a few Cariloha fan comments about the donation:

“Very nice thing that Cariloha did. I have 2 pairs of socks, 2 headbands and 1 tank top that I got from Cariloha, and I love them. I love how they supported these troops. God bless all the troops and hope they all have a safe journey home to their families.”
– Tina S.

“Thanks for supporting the troops that make us safe.”
– Gary R.

“I’m wearing my Cariloha socks right now! Love them, and love our troops! God bless them all.”
– Dawn W.