Five Meaningful Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

Five Meaningful Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

Earth Day is a day to celebrate and appreciate our beautiful planet, which provides so much for each of us every single day. It never complains or asks for a day off. It just keeps giving regardless of what we do or don’t do in return. To really get involved in Earth Day, you need to know that it’s first and foremost about raising awareness for the concerns of our environment, and things we could be doing to make it better.

It’s not a day that’s meant to be a chore, however. Earth Day is for focusing on the earth and for getting out and contributing to its well being. Big or small, any kind of effort toward improving the environment makes a difference.

Wondering how you can make a positive impact on Earth Day this year? Here are five meaningful things you can do:

1. Go Car Free – Leave the car at home and try another form of transportation, like riding a bike, walking, or public transportation. Not only does it benefit our environment, but it can also benefit you with a little exercise and save you money on gas. Imagine if a huge number of people, even for one day, decided to leave the car at home.

2. Volunteer – Get involved in your community and try to make it a better place for everyone. You can help clean up a local park, raise money for an earth-conscious charity, or even something as simple as helping a neighbor with some yard work.

3. Use Bamboo Towels Bamboo fabric naturally wicks moisture away from your body and is odor and allergy resistant. These features help you save water because you won’t have to wash your towels as frequently in between uses.

4. Plant a Garden – Not only does a garden make a place look pretty, but we also need more plants to help clean up our air. Make planting your garden on Earth Day an annual tradition with your family or friends.

5. Update Light Bulbs – Earth Day is a great time to change out your old light bulbs and switch them for energy-saving ones. Help the environment and your electric bill.

This Earth Day tread softly on Mother Earth and leave a greener foot print wherever you go. As you do so, you’ll be helping future generations to have an earth that’s beautiful, clean and full of life.