5 Types of Boxers You Need to Try Today

5 Types of Boxers You Need to Try Today


How’s your underwear etiquette? If you’re like most men, you rarely think about your underwear; it’s just buy it, wear it, wash it, forget it. According to some men’s health experts, however, your relationship with your underwear is more complex than you think. Did you know that many recommend replacing your entire underwear wardrobe every three to six months for health and hygiene reasons?

Most men think of fit and style as the main considerations when buying new underwear, but function and fabric are important, too. If it’s time to change up your underwear wardrobe, here are five types of boxers in luxurious fabrics you need to try today.


COOLMAX is a fabric that was originally designed for marathoners, Iron Man competitors, and other endurance athletes who generate a lot of sweat. Manufactured by Invista Apparel, COOLMAX is a synthetic polyester fabric that absorbs moisture and spreads it out over the surface of the fabric in order to promote rapid evaporation and keep athletes dry and cool.

While you can buy COOLMAX underwear in all many different athletic styles, manufacturers are now making comfortable COOLMAX boxers perfect for casual wear under shorts and slacks. If you’re spending a day in the sun or live in a humid climate, try a pair of COOLMAX boxers to keep you dry and chafe-free.

Bamboo Boxers

If you’ve ever worn bamboo clothing, you’ll know why every man should keep some bamboo boxers on hand. Fabrics made with bamboo fibers are naturally soft and supple; they feel like silk to the touch. They are also extremely absorbent and wick away moisture better than most synthetic fabrics. Bamboo boxers are odor resistant due to bamboo’s inherent antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Boxers made with bamboo viscose are perfect year-round; they are cool in summer and warm in winter. And they are an sustainable choice for those who prefer to live a green lifestyle.

MicroModal Boxers

If you like feather-light boxers that are sleek and soft to the touch, add some MicroModal boxers to your underwear collection. MicroModal fabric is a favorite with high-end designers due in part to its body-hugging properties, giving you a smooth and seamless look. Boxers made with MicroModal fabric stand up to washing better than cottons and synthetics and retain their incredible softness over time.

Supima Cotton Boxers

Supima is a trademark name for fabric woven from exclusively American-grown, extra-long staple cotton. Supima cotton accounts for just 3 percent of the cotton production in the U.S.; it’s considered a luxury fabric and known for its softness and durability. Supima also holds dye better than other cotton fabrics. Supima cotton boxers are a great choice for everyday wear because they are breathable, soft, and stay true to color, even with multiple washings.

Silk Boxers

Don’t limit yourself to thinking of silk boxers are something you keep on hand to impress your romantic partner. While silk is very luxurious against the skin, it also naturally regulates temperature, dispersing body heat in the summer and insulating you in the winter. Silk boxers are comfortable to wear under anything, and are usually available in very rich, vibrant colors.

Keep in mind, however, that silk is more delicate than other boxer fabrics. Many manufacturers recommend the delicate cycle, or even hand-washing, and air drying to maintain their shape and softness.

It may seem strange to assemble an underwear wardrobe, but for today’s health- and style-conscious men, it’s a necessity. The right underwear for every activity, event, and occasion is not only smart from a fashion perspective, but it’s also key to staying comfortable throughout the day.