5 Tips for Creating a Comfier Bed

5 Tips for Creating a Comfier Bed

Creating a relaxing sleep environment and comfier bed can be approached in various ways. There’s no one perfect answer. Although, we’ve discovered lots of good tips over the years. Here are some of our recent favorites from our friend, Casual Claire, that we wanted to share with you:

I’m going to be honest here. My poor bedroom has been seriously neglected. We’ve lived in our house for three years, and I just now have the bed in our master bedroom done. The rest of the room still needs a lot of TLC. But y’all – I’m in love with our bed. How it’s decorated, how it feels… and most importantly how ridiculously comfortable it is to climb into every night (okay and sometimes during the day since I also call it my office). So, here are the tricks I have for creating the most comfortable bed possible:

(1) Invest in the best sheets.

For many years, I used the cheapest sheets I could find at TJ Maxx or Walmart. This was just silly. Quality sheets will last you many, many years and contribute to better sleep for you and whoever else is sleeping in bed with you. It also may surprise you to hear that thread count really doesn’t matter – it’s more about what type of fiber is used to create the sheets. Now that I’ve learned the splendor of quality sheets (once you get some you don’t turn back) I’ve tried a few different brands and types, and I can tell you which ones are hands down my favorite – they are Cariloha’s Resort Bamboo Bed Sheets. Oh. My. Goodness.

I’ve never in my life felt sheets as soft as these ones, not exaggerating. They feature an ultra-soft sateen finish and are thermal regulating, meaning they help keep you cool on hot summer nights, which is great for people who can’t stand getting hot while sleeping like me. They’re made from high-quality bamboo, which is just so soft you really have to feel it to believe it. Bamboo is also one of the most sustainable resources on the planet, so you can feel good about the materials used to make your sheets. Plus, Cariloha has a 90-day satisfaction guarantee, lifetime quality guarantee, and free shipping.

(2) Bigger is better.

I know people have differing opinions on this, but I prefer my bed to be as big as possible. That said, overall your mattress is another big investment, so choose wisely. We went with a king memory foam mattress when we moved into our house and have never regretted it.

(3) Use calming colors.

Different colors work for different people. I wanted light, open, airy colors for the room, so I went with white sheets and a white comforter. I love white bedding with a touch of cool colors because that’s what I find calming. I know, it’s kind of the universal bedding color, so I’m totally not original to use it. But, if there’s another color you prefer and know you won’t get sick of it (my problem), then go with it.

(4) Switch your detergent.

Some detergents can irritate skin and cause you not to feel as comfortable in your bed. I find detergents that are fragrance free and gentile on the skin to be best for sheets.

(5) Pillows, pillows, pillows.

I’m a firm believer that a bed can never have too many pillows. The more pillows the more comfortable a bed is. Seriously, just try it.

So, yes, anyone can have a more comfortable bed. Whether it’s switching to Cariloha sheets, adding a few pillows, or redoing the whole thing – do what you need to do to get the best sleep possible at night!

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