5 Reasons Bamboo Clothing is so Popular among Teenagers


Teens may have a variety of specialized reasons for loving bamboo clothing. But there are a few reasons that stand out above the most noticeable ones that bamboo clothing is so popular among teens. These reasons can have a positive effect on their self-esteem, sociability, and even their academic performance!

1. Bamboo Clothing Keeps Teens Cool and Dry

Bamboo stays cool relative to someone’s body temperature and helps to wick away moisture. This means that teens stay cool and comfortable while playing games with friends outside, playing sports, or even taking exams at school to pass classes.

Studies have shown that a comfortable body temperature helps to improve people’s performance on academic examinations. When people are more comfortable physically, they tend to be calmer. When they’re calm, their mind is clearer and it can be easier to recall information that they’ve learned to then respond to exam questions.

Being cool and dry throughout the day also helps fight off one of the most dreaded conditions for teens: body odor. Being cool and dry means you have to worry less about smelling bad or even developing armpit stains from sweat. These types of body issues can damage a reputation in a heartbeat, lowering a teen’s self-esteem, damaging their self-image, and increasing emotions like sadness, dejection, and social anxiety.

2. Bamboo Clothing is a Great Way to Start a Conversation

Because of its special makeup, bamboo clothing can be a great way to start or maintain a conversation in social settings. Teens can talk to their friends, people they want to be friends with, or even someone they have a crush on about how their clothes are made and the benefits of wearing bamboo fabric instead of more common textiles like cotton or polyester.

3. Bamboo Clothing is Hypoallergenic

Bamboo clothing is less likely to lead a teen to experience the chafing that can come with other fabrics. When they are trying to spend time with friends and enjoy themselves, constantly having to scratch their back, arms, or legs or regularly having to adjust their clothing is distracting and unpleasant.

4. Bamboo Clothing Protects the Body

The bamboo plant itself has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties that can help keep teens more sanitary than normal. Bamboo also has a natural SPF of about 14, so it helps to prevent sunburn. Teens appreciate the convenience that bamboo offers by helping keep them cleaner (which could help them experience fewer common illnesses like colds), and protected from the sun, saving them the pain of the burning, itching, and scaling that comes with sun burn.

5. Bamboo Clothing is Organic and Sustainable

Teens can take comfort in knowing that their clothing was made from a plant that replants itself, is fast-growing, is plentiful, and is naturally resistant to pests. This means that bamboo can be harvested without taking food away from animals and without using pesticides that can be harmful to the environment and people’s health.

Teens love bamboo clothing because it’s cool — physically and socially. Shop now to get bamboo clothes and accessories your teen will love!