5 Impossibly Soft Blankets to Curl Up In


Nothing beats curling up with a cuddly soft blanket and your favorite book on a rainy afternoon. And, who doesn’t love snuggling beneath a cozy throw on the sofa while watching your favorite movies on Netflix? If you’re looking for the best of the best when it comes to impossibly soft blankets, check out these favorites. From sustainable bamboo to lavish cashmere, you’ll find the blanket of your dreams.

Orvis Softest Blanket

With prices ranging from $49 for a throw to $98 for a king, this budget-priced Orvis Softest blanket feels like your favorite plush toy when you were a child. It’s so thick, you can dig your fingers deep into the lush polyester pile. There’s no sewn-on edging to fray or interfere with the cozy experience, and it’s available in three rich neutrals (chocolate, camel, and cream) and a cheery vivid ruby red. It’s easy care and inexpensive price tag make it your go-to blanket for an afternoon picnic or to drape on your chaise longue on the porch.

Cariloha Bamboo Throw

Bamboo blankets have the most luxurious hand feel, somewhere between cashmere and the deepest plush pile. The Cariloha bamboo throw is uniquely constructed: A lightweight polyester batting core is sandwiched between two thick and sensuously soft layers of plush bamboo fabric, giving it a super cuddly heft that feels great covering your body. If you’ve never experienced the uncommon softness and singular properties of bamboo, you’ll be shocked at how lush this blanket feels. At a price of just $119 for a 50-by-70-inch throw, you get the essence of cashmere at an affordable price. The Cariloha bamboo throw comes in three earthy colors: sand, harbor gray, and ocean blue.

Berkshire Blanket Shearling Ultrasonic Cable Pattern Blanket

Wonder what it feels like to curl up with a mink blanket? Or maybe with a soft, cuddly shearling throw? You can experience both with this mind-blowing blanket. Berkshire uses a revolutionary ultrasonic process to create a gorgeous, cable patterned blanket fabric that will never lose its texture or shape. The cable pattern on one side has the thick, nubby feel of authentic shearling; the reverse is a polymink fabric of unimaginable softness. The blanket comes in twin, full, queen, and king sizes and is available in a lovely natural creamy color. Its breathable fabric makes it suitable for year-round snuggling. It’s also easy on the budget, priced between $59 and $108.

Hudson’s Bay Multi Wool 6 Point Blanket

Don’t make the mistake of thinking scratchy when you hear the word wool. This thick, colorful Hudson’s Bay wool blanket is made in England using wool sourced from England, Wales, and New Zealand and employing the centuries-old techniques that made the Hudson’s Bay blanket a legend. The colorful fibers are carefully died and dried in the sun for lasting brightness, and the wool is hand selected for softness and warmth. These cozy blankets are water-resistant, perfect for huddling in round the campfire on your next camping trip. The blanket comes in queen size only and carries a hefty $495 price tag.

The Wool Company Geisha Cashmere Blanket

For the ultimate in indulgence, curl up under the Wool Company’s Geisha cashmere blanket. The cashmere fibers are hand selected for softness and whiteness; these blankets are made of untouched, undyed cashmere for unparalleled softness. This naturally creamy-white blanket wraps you in unbelievable luxury. Of course, opulence has its price: The Geisha blanket sells for about $1,000. This lovely Italian blanket is available in the equivalent of single and king sizes.

Don’t deprive yourself of the comfort of an impossibly soft blanket. Grab an ultra-luxe bamboo throw or a cuddly polymink blanket and curl up for an afternoon of pampering.