5 Duvet Covers Worth Investing In

5 Duvet Covers Worth Investing In

A down comforter can be a big investment; you can easily spend $500 or more on one filled with premium white goose down. If you love the look and comfort of a rich down comforter, a duvet cover is a great way to protect it. It serves two main functions: Extending the life of your comforter by cutting down on direct wear and tear and decreasing cleaning costs by protecting your comforter from spills and stains. After all, it’s expensive to professionally clean down, but most duvets are machine washable, so you can launder them at home.

Of course, duvet covers serve another function, as well: letting you quickly and easily change the decor in your room. If you’re wondering whether a duvet is right for you, take a look at these five duvet covers you might want to invest in.

The Luxurious Solid Color Cotton Sateen Duvet

Cotton sateen is a particular diagonal weave that results in a distinctive, lustrous, satin-like finish with the strength and durability of cotton. Sateen weaves typically have a higher thread count, resulting in extra softness and durability. Sateen duvets are easy to care for — a simple spin in the washer and dryer is all that’s required.

Solid color sateen duvets also blend well with almost any decor; you can change up the look with different accent pillows and throws.

The Environmentally Friendly Bamboo Duvet Cover

Textiles woven from bamboo fibers are incredibly soft and silky to the touch in addition to their notable durability. A bamboo duvet cover also contains natural odor-resistant and anti-allergy properties that make it particularly attractive. And, since bamboo requires no pesticides or fertilizer, textiles made from bamboo contain none of the irritating chemicals contained in most other fabrics.

Bamboo is one of the most sustainable and environmentally friendly materials on the planet. A bamboo duvet is a socially conscious option for people who enjoy a comfortable, green lifestyle.

The Breathable, Natural Linen Duvet

Linen is woven from flax and has a unique, elegant texture popular among high-end bedding designers. Linen is inherently breathable and drapes beautifully, giving your bedding a refined look. Most linen duvet covers come in gorgeous neutral shades with polished details such as monograms and embroidered piping.

Linen is a great fabric choice for duvets, since it is stronger than cotton and it retains its shape better. It has the added advantage of improving in texture wash after wash, so you’ll love it more the longer you own it.

The Sturdy, Reversible Brushed Twill Duvet

Cotton twill is an excellent choice in duvet fabric because it is sturdy and holds up well to repeated washings and wear and tear. You can even buy stain-resistant twill duvets, making them a natural choice for children’s rooms. Twill duvets tend to be less expensive compared to other fabrics and blends, so you can change them more frequently without breaking the budget. A reversible twill duvet stretches your decorating dollar even further.

The DIY Custom Duvet

For something truly unique, create your own custom duvet using a favorite drawing, photograph, or graphic design. You can design a duvet that perfectly matches your bedroom decor or highlight a favorite theme or design. These duvets are made of a resilient poly-cotton blend fabric specially treated for fade resistance, so your design holds up over multiple launderings. The DIY custom duvet is a fun way to liven up a small bedroom or dorm.

If you love your fluffy down comforter, why not spend the extra money and protect it with a duvet cover? No matter your budget, taste, and decor, it’s easy to find a duvet worth your dollars.