4 Steps to Create an At-Home Oasis for Much-Needed Me Time

4 Steps to Create an At-Home Oasis for Much-Needed Me Time

Every weekday, you dedicate yourself to working long hours followed by more responsibilities at home. Between writing budget reports, feeding the family, and tackling a seemingly endless pile of laundry, you need a break, a little self-care.

Turn off the phone, those messages can wait while you carve out an hour to create a spa-like setting in your own home! Escape to your own bath and make it a place of luxurious comfort and quality “me time” with these simple tips.

1. Set the Tone with Soothing Melodies from Spotify.

The first step to soothing your mind is to set the mood for the tranquil space. It’s important to build your spa day playlist with artists whose music will relax your mind and provide a sense of mental and emotional escape when you’re ready to put your rose petal face mask on, swathe yourself in softness with your Bamboo Bathrobe, and pour a glass of Pinot Grigio.

To begin relaxing your mind and body, check out this curated list of 6 relaxation playlists on Spotify. From soothing soft rock to restorative yoga, these peaceful genres will give you the tranquility you need to get into a deep state of relaxation.

2. Enhance with Essential Oils

Similar to the way music invokes certain emotions and moods, the same can be said for pleasant aromas. To help with stress relief and deep relaxation, aromatherapy can enhance your at-home oasis experience.

Holistic psychiatrist and psychotherapist Marlynn Wei shared the healing properties of lavender essential oil and the yuzu citrus scent in Psychology Today.

Lavender oil calms your nervous system, letting your brain waves transition into a relaxed state while Yuzu citrus helps to lower your heart rate in about 10 minutes. Drizzle some drops of essential oil in your bath water and let the soothing scents and warm water relax away all of your stress and anxiety from your busy day. Feeling calm yet?


3. Dim the Lights

Now that you’ve got the music and scents flowing throughout your tranquil space, it’s time to set the lighting. Help put your mind at rest by turning down the bright overhead lights. Candles can help create the perfect relaxation ambiance.

Surrounding yourself with soft flickering lights and the warm gentle glow of candlelight will not only help naturally reduce your stress and calm your mind but also help guide you into a comforting meditative state. To get the most life out of your candles, Bridgewater Candle Company offers a great Candle Burning 101 instruction guide.

4. Create Softness and Comfort

Self-care and comfort go hand in hand. When paired with stress-relieving music, soothing scents and gentle light, luxurious softness helps comfort your body in total relaxation. After you’ve treated yourself to a long warm bath, wrap yourself in a soft towel then settle into comfort by putting on that robe you’ve been waiting to lounge around in.

To top off your much-needed hour of self-pampering, grab your Cariloha Bamboo Bath Towels and Bamboo Bath Robe made of sustainable viscose from bamboo to pamper yourself with optimal softness.

Sometimes we simply need to take a break from our hectic daily routines and squeeze in some time to clear our minds. Whether your relaxation time manifests itself in a 30-minute meditation or taking out part of the day to create an at-home oasis, Cariloha can help enhance your home spa experience with softness and comfort.

Turn the music on, surround yourself in softness, dim the lights and let the pleasant essential-oil aromas travel throughout your own personal home tranquil oasis.