10 Ways to Have a Luxurious Picnic

10 Ways to Have a Luxurious Picnic

Make this 4th of July one of the most comfortable ever with a relaxing, luxurious picnic for the entire family.

Throwing the perfect picnic is easier than you think. And, to help you make it happen, we’ve put together the following list of 10 ways to pull off a luxurious picnic without any stress:

1. Find the perfect picnic blanket. Get something comfortable and inviting. A throw blanket is the ideal size to stretch out and unwind.


2. Create a comfortable, inviting mood. You can do this by adding even more natural light. It’ll make your picnic more charming. A little candle makes a big difference in how you’ll feel and how you’ll communicate during your picnic. If you’re worried about bugs, make it a citronella candle.

3. Bring fresh-cut flowers. Make it elegant by cutting fresh flowers from your garden and putting them in a vase. If you don’t have access to flowers, grab an arrangement at your local market. It further creates a fun, intimate setting.


4. Eat clean. Change up what you eat by bringing along some fresh, clean snacks, rather than a full-course meal. Whether you’re cooling down with some refreshing ice cream, or grilling up some barbecue goodness, add some clean fruits or veggies to the mix. Nothing more satisfying than fresh berries in the heat of summer.


5. Infuse your water. Promote more water consumption by flavoring up your water. When filling up your ice trays, try adding some fresh mint, berries, lemon, cucumber, or coconut before freezing. This encourages you to stay hydrated in the heat by adding some refreshing flavor to your ice water.


6. Use glass over paper. Bring dishes rather than paper or plastic. This simple tip cuts down your impact on the environment while adding a more sophisticated feel to your picnic.

7. Bring your own linens. Cut down waste by bringing cloth napkins. They’re reusable and will give your picnic a more refined look.

8. Provide a centerpiece. Setting up a picnic can be difficult without a stable centerpiece. We suggest bringing your own tray or cutting board to provide support for your food and drinks. For convenience, make sure that your drinking cups/jars have lids. This can prevent a mess from happening during your picnic.


9. Bring pillows. Laying out some indoor pillows on your blanket will add even more comfort to your picnic setting.

10.Keep it cool. Choose a spot with plenty of shade. Trees, tents, or umbrellas are all options to hide from the sun.


There you have it. Gather your food, your blanket, and your loved ones and enjoy the great outdoors this weekend in cool, comfortable style. The perfect picnic can easily be duplicated without any stress and is right at your fingertips. What other fail-proof picnic tips do you have? Let us know in the comments. We’d love to learn what works for you.