10 things every husband needs to do for his wife on Mother’s Day


Wondering what to give your wife on Mother’s Day? Here’s a list of sweet surprises and ideas to make her special day one she will never forget.

Nowadays, millions of gifts are available at the click of a button. They’re easy, mostly affordable and shipped right to your door. With little effort, you can check “buy wife gift” off the list. But is that really enough for the woman who spends every waking minute raising the kids and keeping your home afloat?

Why not give her something that will make her cry, hold her hand over her mouth or give you the look that says “you are the best!” Here’s a list of 10 things you can do to show the woman in your life that you love and appreciate her on Mother’s Day.

1. A Love Note

Remember when you were dating? You’d leave cute notes in strategic locations that made her heart skip a beat and reassured her that you loved and cherished her. Here’s a little secret: she still wants love notes. Regardless of how long you’ve been married, sneak a note in her makeup bag, in the pocket of her purse or on a sticky note in the egg carton. Better yet, all over the house for her to find throughout the big day. Tell her you can’t wait to see her, you think she’s beautiful first thing in the morning and that she wears pregnancy well. We promise she will love it.

2. Alone Time

One of the ultimate gifts a mother can receive is time to herself. If your wife likes staying in, take the kids out for a few hours and let her read a book or catch up on her shows at home. If she needs to leave the house, send her out with some cash and a night on the town alone or with some friends. Tell her to buy a new outfit, get her nails done or see a movie. (And be sure to have the house clean and kids asleep when she gets home.)

3. Homemade Movie

Most computers or smartphones come with user-friendly apps and programs to create short videos. Nothing will give Mom a bigger lump in her throat than seeing a heartfelt video from the ones she loves. Consider interviewing your kids separately on what they love most about their mom, or some of their favorite memories of her. Piece them together with a sweet song in the background and, boom, home run.

4. A Massage

OK, so this falls under the “purchased” category we’re trying to steer clear of, but this one is safe. A mom’s muscles bend and twist, lift and carry all day long — kids, groceries, fallen crumbs. Give her the physical relief she needs and send her to the swanky spa downtown for a relaxing, restorative massage.

5. Romantic Dinner

Along the lines of your dating days, take your woman out for a nice meal — open her car door, compliment her and keep your eyes off the football game playing near the bar. Change things up by leaving her a note in the morning: “Good morning, sweetie. I found a babysitter for tonight. Wear your favorite dress and be ready for a romantic dinner at 7.”

6. Breakfast in Bed

And we’re not talking frozen waffles. If she loves eggs Benedict, search the Web for an easy recipe and make it happen. If she likes pancakes, have the little ones help out. Decorate the plate with fruit and some hand-picked flowers. She will love being doted on, and effort sure speaks volumes.

7. A Comfy, Go-To T-shirt

Being a mom can be tricky. Sometimes her feminine identity is muddied with an internal battle: “I want to look cute, but I need something that can handle dirt and spit-up, and yet something my husband will still find me attractive in.” Cariloha created clothing made from the bamboo plant that’s just that — soft, durable and still fashionable. Every mom’s dream.

8. That Thing She’s Been Eyeing for Months

She’s dropped hints, she’s told you how it’s finally on sale and nonchalantly mentioned how cute it would look with her colors. She knows it may be above the budget, but boy does she want it. Surprise her and leave it somewhere she will find it when she gets home—it will make her day.

9. Snuggle and a Movie

Yes, we said it — snuggling. Women need to feel loved, whether or not their love language is physical touch. There’s something comforting about being held while enjoying a nice movie on the couch with a bowl of her favorite treats. If you really want to spoil her, run your fingers through her hair or scratch her back.

10. A Local Overnight Stay

Planning a child-free vacation can feel daunting. However, a one-night “staycation” at a nice hotel downtown is doable and just as fun. It’s just what Mom needs to recharge her batteries: actual conversations with the man in her life, a hot tub and room service. Total relaxation for the woman you love.

Cariloha believes everyone deserves luxury on their special day. Seize the moment to spoil her, pamper her and surprise her with a day of luxury she will love. Visit Cariloha.com for more gift ideas that will make your woman feel the love she truly deserves.