10 Sustainable Ways to Stay Warm in the Fall and Winter

10 Sustainable Ways to Stay Warm in the Fall and Winter

With fall quickly approaching and winter not too far behind, we’ll be looking for green ways to stay warm without using too much energy. Here are 10 sustainable ways to stay warm in the fall and winter while also keeping cozy.

By The Hen Family

1. Turn the thermostat down and get a programmable thermostat. Turning the thermostat down even by a couple of degrees can make a huge difference. Using a programmable thermostat can help ensure you’re not wasting heating energy when you’re away from the home and will automatically adjust the temperature for nighttime and daytime. We keep it a bit cooler at night so we can stay warm under our blankets and duvets. Light some candles or use a fireplace for added warmth while you’re awake.

2. Cover your windows. Investing in some good, thick blinds or heavy, insulated curtains can help keep the cold out and the warm air inside. We have these ones and they do an excellent job not only at darkening the room, but also at keeping it warmer.

3. Use area rugs. If you have tile or hardwood floors, they can get chilly in the coldest months. Think about throwing down some soft area rugs to help keep your feet warm and the furnace temperature lower.

4. Seal any cracks. Before the freezing weather hits, check around the house for any gaps or cracks where cold air could be getting in. Seal these up and re-caulk any windows that might need it.

5. Get a hot water bottle. I used to love using a hot water bottle when I was little and I’ve recently started using one again. I love his simple heating device, especially curled up on the couch or in bed with a good book and a cup of warm tea.

6. Put on the slippers. Having a warm pair of slippers or super cozy socks like these ones can make a big difference on cold floors and on those chilly days and nights. When it comes to heavy duty slippers, I am in love with my Padraigs.

7. Keep unused rooms closed. If you’re not using a room often, keep the door closed. More space and rooms requires more heat and energy to warm them up.

8. Dress right. If it’s cold out, layer up. Use sweaters, sweatshirts and warm pants. You don’t need to wear T-shirts or tank tops inside on those really cold days.

9. Exercise! Working up a sweat, whether its going for a brisk walk or taking part in a yoga class, or even doing some exercises at home, helps naturally raise your body temperature.

10. Get a warm and cozy blanket. I am all about my cozy blankets in the fall and winter. Cariloha recently sent us their bamboo knit throw blanket and everyone in my family, especially K, is loving it.

Not only is the colour gorgeous, but it’s so incredibly soft and cozy. K and I cuddled up under it right away and I know that once the cold weather hits, it will be a staple in our cozy nights spent in front of the fire. This particular blanket is made out of bamboo, an amazing renewable resource, and I seriously can’t get over how soft it is. I also really like the herringbone pattern and the fact the blanket is large and thick enough to be warming, but not too thick that it makes you too warm. It also folds up very small so you can even bring it along on a road trip. It’s odor-resistant and great quality, plus you can throw it in the washing machine, which is pretty much a necessity if you have little kids. I know I’ll be using this blanket daily as soon as the chillier weather begins, curled up reading and sitting in front of the fire.