Win Weekly on

Here’s some shameless plugging for Cariloha’s weekly contests that you’ve already seen or will see throughout the remainder of the year via Facebook and’s Bamboo Bonus page.

This plug is more for you – the Cariloha fans – than for this blog. Forgive us if it feels a tad too corporate-speak or sales driven. It’s just to let you know what’s coming your way, as we’ll most likely congratulate the winners here on the blog every week, and we don’t want it to come as a surprise. Not that winning free bamboo goods is a bad thing.

Anyhow, every week, we’ll be reciprocating your love for Cariloha bamboo by way of easy-to-win contests, found on’s “Bamboo Bonus” contest page and mentioned on Cariloha Facebook, Twitter and blog sites.

Have fun. Win often. And check back here weekly for more details.

We’ll let you know when the Bamboo Bonus page is up and running.