What NOT to Do at the Gym

What NOT to Do at the Gym

We’ve all had those moments at the gym when we just shake our heads and wonder, why? Is this really happening right now? Usually, it’s something you just can’t control. Other times it’s something you can and should control.

Whether you’re new to the gym or an everyday regular, here are a few tips about what not to do, which everyone can take into consideration:

Stink it Up

You definitely should not be wearing the same sweaty outfit to the gym every day. It may be comfortable, or really cute, but you do have other options. Athletic clothing should help your workout, not just make you look good.

A bamboo viscose fabric is a great choice for a better, fresher workout. With its odor-resistant, moisture-wicking properties, and it being 3 degrees cooler than cotton, it’ll keep you cleaner, cooler and comfier for longer.

Act Like Your Mom is There to Clean up after You

Rep after rep, and circuit after circuit, you’re giving your body a great workout, which is awesome but, when you’re finished, you should not leave your weights lying around. No one is there to clean up after you, and it’s common courtesy to re-rack your weights so other people can find them.

Be Everyone’s Personal Trainer

Sometimes people really like to share their exercise tips and tricks, but if you’re not a trainer and just a member at the gym, then avoid being presumptuous and keep your exercise opinions to yourself. If someone asks for your help, then by all means answer them. Be respectful and don’t pull someone’s focus away from their workout because it’s not the way you would do it.

Above all else, however, never let your past mistakes or the mistakes of others prevent you from going to the gym. We’re all at different levels in our exercise routines, and you should be proud of yourself for taking healthy steps toward getting in shape. Try a little gym etiquette along the way.

What else would you recommend not doing at the gym? Please share in the comments.