Running 10,000 miles around the USA in Cariloha Bamboo


While most of us on any given day are going about our daily routines, sitting at our desks, commuting to and from work, or attending school, the Cariloha-sponsored Miles 2 Give team is running. Not just a simple jaunt around the park either. They’re running upwards of 40-50 miles a day on some of America’s smallest-shouldered, freight-truck-honking roads imaginable – all in the name of giving and inspiring for sarcoma cancer research. At any given moment, you could safely ask, “Where are the Miles 2 Give team today?” And, most likely the simple, matter-of-fact answer would be, “They’re running…”

Where exactly is the Miles 2 Give team running these days? Here’s an update straight from the team itself on the mountainous roads of Montana, Idaho and Washington:

We’re just over 300 miles away from the Pacific Ocean! It’s incredible. We can’t believe we’re almost 4,000 miles into our journey….”

As we continue our trek to the Pacific Ocean, Miles 2 Give is constantly going through organic evolutions out here at 5mph. As we hit 3,500 miles recently, the very tole of that mileage was felt in every way – emotionally and physically. I got to tell you, Mary has been an absolute shining role model to countless women and Warriors worldwide. She has battled hip and knee issues since New York. She has seen weekly chiropractors, sports medicine doctors, massage therapists and athletic trainers. She is a 3,000-mile woman and STILL rocking strong.

At 5mph out here, we don’t miss anything. We see it all. We experience the truest of life’s connections in the deepest of woods and brightest of lights in cities. Connections made so genuine that everything about our unity with everyone we meet, they absorb everything about WHAT, HOW, AND WHY we are on this pursuit to give and inspire. Awareness so pure for each of your genuine brands, they are immediately sold on investing their hard-earned dollars into it all. It’s beautiful.

Daily, we hold people who simply cry when they meet us, tell us their story, and leave their mark on Life Elevated [the RV they’re living out of for the next several months]. This rolling museum of connectivity is powerful. And, I am so proud to have each of YOU a part of this very important mission.

To recap, it’s our 4th month and 6th day of running. We’ve covered 3,542 miles on foot and have arrived at state #19, Washington. As of today we’ve raised $33,056 for research….

Way to go, Miles 2 Give! Don’t give up. We’re behind you all the way. See you on the West Coast! To get involved and to donate, visit