Meet Landon Faulkner

How do you define the word athlete? Is it someone who makes a continual effort to live a healthy, fit lifestyle? Webster defines the word athlete as “a person who is proficient in sports and other forms of physical exercise.” There are many types of athletes and all are inspirational in their own ways.

Most recently, for the Cariloha Bamboo team, one particular athlete stands out and inspires us to get involved with his journey. Meet ultra long-distance runner and self-proclaimed adventurer, Landon Faulkner.

California native, Landon Faulkner, epitomizes the definition of an athlete. He pushes the human experience and digs deep to achieve his goals – all while wearing Cariloha Bamboo fitness wear no less. Let’s get to know Landon and share in his journey.

What inspires you?

“Without getting too philosophical, I’ll say that the simplicity, beauty, and spirituality I find and gain from running in the mountains is what inspires me. The world around me, other athletes pushing the sport, and the solidarity of a trail are all inspirations to me.”

What drives your passion for trail/ultra running?

“Pushing the human experience and the human limit to endure drives my passion. Being able to reach a point where my body feels like it is impossible to continue and working to push through that feeling. Experiencing the sheer beauty and majesty of the mountains and connecting with nature and running through my limits is extremely spiritual for me. One of the most amazing benefits of trail running is to experience that type of beauty and intense physical stress as your body enters a state of almost void consciousness is such an amazing feeling.”

What are your running necessities?

“One of the main reasons I love running is because it is such a basic human sport. Trail running is so natural and pure to me which is why I keep my necessities fairly basic. I just need some comfy shoes, clothes that wick and breath to keep me cool/warm, water, and little food. All I really need is the right clothing, footwear, and food/water.”

What are your goals and what tools do you need to accomplish them?

“My main goals include running some of the well known ultras in the country including the Western States 100, Hard Rock 100, Wasatch Front 100, and others of that caliber. I’m not there yet and have hundreds of hundreds of training miles to get to that point, but I feel confident that I am headed in that direction. Besides having drive and will to achieve these goals, my most important tools really come down to having the right gear. While keeping things simple, not any gear will do. Having the help of Cariloha is a huge benefit to my running and performance. In a sport that requires very little, it’s important to ensure that what I use is the very best out there.”

We’re confident that Landon Faulkner is on his way to achieve his goals, and we’re excited to be a part of his journey. You can find Landon on Twitter, and Instagram. He also blogs.

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