Let’s Make an Agreement with Cariloha Bamboo

men argunging by o5com

Sometimes it seems impossible to agree with friends, coworkers or siblings on various controversial issues that flare up from time to time. What if, to make those disheartening disagreements a little more agreeable, you tried prearranging a fall-back item that you could both agree upon? And, maybe that pre-set item could be…bamboo.

Think about it. Every time you were confronted with some disagreement, which began to escalate into an argument, both parties could simply fall back upon that prearranged item that you agree to agree upon.

The benefits and beauties of bamboo are things that everyone can and should agree upon.

Let’s say that seemingly harmless discussion between you and your brother about who should be the next GOP candidate is turning into a knock-out fight, and you’re about to throw in the towel. Stop – don’t do it – don’t throw in that towel. Simply bring up Cariloha’s bamboo towel.

Suddenly, those expletives, about to take aim at you, start flying toward your bamboo towel by way of “Holy $&%# that towel is soft!” You’re right it is. Everything is all good again. No injuries. No burned bridges. No harm done. Everyone is soft and cozy thanks to bamboo.

Try it out. Make bamboo your next prearranged agreement, and maybe, just maybe you’ll have dodged a bullet that could have damaged a relationship for life – or at least until next year’s NFL season.