Jump into Spring with these Fun and Easy Ideas

Jump into Spring with these Fun and Easy Ideas

Fresh green grass, bright blooming flowers, and warm welcoming sunshine – springtime is in the air, which means it’s time to wash your life clean of winter and to make room for everything spring.

A new season means new beginnings, and springtime is the best time to start anew. Winter may have kept you cooped up inside, but now the sun is out, calling your name, and signaling you to shed some layers. And, we’re not just talking about your wardrobe, either.

To explain just what we mean, here’s a fun and easy guide for making the most of the spring season:

Change Up Your Exercise Routine

When you have to wear 10 layers, and there’s a foot of snow on the ground, it makes it a little difficult to exercise outside. Spring weather allows you to transition your workouts outdoors. Go for a hike, a nice evening stroll, or a light jog. For us, the best part is being able to wear our lightweight, breathable bamboo tanks and bamboo yoga pants, which helps make your workouts more comfortable, and let’s not forget stylish.

Clean Out Your Closet

Go ahead and put those sweaters and boots in storage. It’s time to dust off those casual V-neck tees and stylish bamboo sandals. Have a little fashion show and try on all of your spring clothes. You can donate whatever doesn’t fit, then go on a fun shopping spree to fill up that newly emptied space in your closet.

Freshen Up Your Bedding

When we say spring fever, it’s no joke. The weather is noticeably warmer, so it’s time to treat yourself to an incredibly comfortable set of bamboo sheets. Not only are they lightweight, breathable and luxuriously soft, but they’re also naturally thermal regulating. So, whether you sleep hot or sleep cold, you’ll be cool and comfortable for spring and throughout summer with bamboo sheets.

Spring Clean Your House, Yard, Garage, Etc.

This is probably the one that everyone hears, but it works. Spring is the perfect time to wipe away the clutter of winter and breathe in the freshness of spring. Set a day aside to get your hands and knees dirty to clear the air. Once you’re finished, you’ll be gleaming with that fresh spring glow.

We don’t know about you, but we can’t wait to get started. Happy springtime!