How Bamboo Shirts, Sheets and Towels Could Ease Europe’s Debt Crisis

Cariloha bamboo pillow and sheets

European diplomats, business owners, and every-day consumers seem to be wound up rather tightly these days. And for good reason too. Several countries’ economies are on the brink of collapse, particularly Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Ireland, and recovery solutions don’t seem, let’s say, as visibly apparent as spilled juice on the seat of your pants.

Various BBC and U.S. News World reports seem to illustrate the situation as the classic tale of of the ants and the grasshoppers, where the ants (middle-to-lower-class working European citizens) work tirelessly all summer long to gather and store food for the winter, while the grasshoppers (upper-class government and wealthy citizens) play and relax the days away. When cold weather sets in, the grasshoppers come begging at the ants’ doorsteps, and of course, the ants refuse their requests. The twist to the story is that although the grasshoppers are outnumbered 100 to 1 by the ants, they wield their size and might to overpower the ants’ supplies. All work and no play doesn’t pay off for the ants in this scenario.

Both ants and grasshoppers from Athens to Lisbon, and potentially ricocheting to economies all over the world, seem to be fighting a losing battle.

We never lose heart and hope, though, as both good and bad headlines have spanned the centuries, spotlighting the best of times and the worst of times. And, not to minimize the pain and suffering associated with these hard times, but we always seem to bounce back and rise again.

With that in mind, maybe bamboo shirts, sheets and towels could, in some small ways, help ease the economic burdens carried by so many. Yes, this may look like a shameless plug for Cariloha’s bamboo wears, but it’s just for fun; and who knows, maybe it will inspire some truly world-changing ideas.

Idea #1 Bamboo Sheets Help You Wake Up on the Right Side of the Bed
The soft touch and cool feel of these sheets are more likely to give you a good night’s sleep than not. If it’s true, according to national public radio reports, that French and German politicians really don’t care for Italian politicians; and they have to sit in hot, stuffy rooms figuring out diplomatic solutions together, then maybe having a good night’s sleep beforehand will go a long way. Just one more thing to help, right?

Idea #2 Bamboo Shirts Wick Away Moisture, Which Helps You Smell Better
When you get heated up over personal and global economic issues, you can count on bamboo shirts to help you cool down – at least a little. If you’re cooled down, you’ll stay calmer and smell better for longer periods of time. You and that person sitting next to you in the economic recovery summit will appreciate it. Plus, these shirts last longer than your average shirt, which means you may not have to spend as much money per year buying new shirts to wear. They’re biodegradable too – less money spent on landfills. Just sayin’.

Idea #3 Bamboo Towels Give You Something to Smile About
The economic climate can leave you feeling chapped and chafed from the minute you wake up til the minute you go to bed. Sometimes your morning shower just doesn’t wash away all the stress of those ever looming home foreclosures, debt ceilings or failed stimulus packages. But, toweling off with one of the most comfortable fabrics ever might remove just a little more edginess that the shower water may have missed. Soft towels generate softer attitudes for quicker recoveries…? Maybe.

There you go, a few bamboo-soft solutions that may or may not help unwind some of this economic strangulation in the world today. Surely you have some better ideas up your bamboo sleeves. If you do, share them here.