Green is the New Black in Fashion

Cariloha Bamboo Dress

Black has always been a fashion go-to. The ‘little black dress’ will forever be a classic staple, but a few things are changing in the fashion world. There’s a new show in town, and it’s all green.

Before you start compulsively buying emerald-green shoes, a forest-green dress and some army-green pants, let’s educate. There are many ways to be eco-friendly, and it begins with simply becoming aware. Green, or eco-friendly, clothing is the next big thing. And it’s catching on quickly. Everyone from celebrities to your next-door neighbor is adding green clothing to their wardrobe.

What is Green Clothing?
Green clothing is made with the health of our earth and our bodies in mind. This clothing design can encompass differing methods or even begin with an awareness of where these materials start. In some cases, this means that the source of the material can be completely sustainable or the material itself is processed with natural fibers so the garments are free of chemicals and pesticides.

Green designers are equally concerned with the source of the materials used in the clothing, as well as the manufacturing processes that produce the finished results.

Known as eco-fashion or sustainable fashion, green clothing supports environmentally friendly methods and recognition. It could, for example, be created using organic cotton free of pesticides and insecticides, or it could mean making fabrics from sustainable resources like bamboo, a plant that is not only helpful to the environment, but also a resource whose growth and harvest process is a short two-year time span.

In general though, any fibers found in nature and harvested with sustainability in mind to lessen our carbon footprint are viable options for this category of clothing.

Why is it Beneficial?
Starting with the clothes on your back is just one way to take better care of Mother Earth and lessen our carbon footprint. In understanding how our clothing is made and making an effort to spread the awareness of these processes, we can make a little difference go a long way. Ideally, reducing the amount of chemicals used to make clothing and supporting sustainable resources for these fashionable options, help to better the earth and our health as a society.

Clothes made from strong, chemical-free fibers, to begin with, make for a longer-lasting material. But, when they are made free from toxic dyes and other harsh chemicals, they are also better for us in the long run. Who wants residue of those toxic dyes and chemicals resting on their skin all day?

It’s Not Always Easy Being Green

While there are a lot of great companies that are offering green alternatives, you will have to make the choice to seek out the sustainable clothing lines and stick to the companies and brands that want to make a difference. There are plenty of companies out there searching for better methods to help the environment and create sustainability. Whether or not they have reached that point yet might not be entirely in their hands.

Take some time and really look at the products and processes behind your wardrobe. When it’s all said and done, only you can determine what you are looking for in quality fashion. If the environment is important to you, then by all means, GO GREEN!