Golden Gate Bridge Launches Miles 2 Give & Cariloha Bamboo

miles 2 give runner landon cooper in cariloha gear

Landon Cooper, ultra runner and Miles 2 Give founder, and Ryan Priest, Miles 2 Give tour director, are off and running on their 3,000-mile journey. They’re making their way across the USA, not by car, plane or train, but on foot. At least for Landon. Ryan will be driving the Miles 2 Give RV just a few miles ahead of Landon, keeping a close eye on his progress.

They aim to be in Washington DC by July 4 and, to make that happen, they need to run/travel 21 miles per day for the next 150 days straight.

landon cooper in cariloha gear at golden gate bridge

ryan priest wearing cariloha gear at the golden gate bridge

Cooper and Priest made their start at the Golden Gate Bridge, wearing their Cariloha bamboo gear, specifically a customer-made bamboo running jersey, bamboo-linen pants, bamboo T-shirt, and of course, bamboo socks.

Run, Landon, Run!