Get Beach-Body Ready in Bamboo Clothing

Get Beach-Body Ready in Bamboo Clothing

One of the best things to do when getting in shape for the beach is to remember that it’ll take time. No matter how much we’d like to speed the process along, the extra weight isn’t going to disappear overnight. Don’t worry though, we’re still a couple weeks away before summer is officially here. Plenty of time to get your body ready for that itty-bitty bikini.

What you need to do first is determine what exercises work best for your body. Since we’re in a time crunch for summer, a full-body workout would be the best bet.

Plan out each day accordingly and make sure to alternate between strength training and cardio, because you’ll need to do both.

Make Monday, Wednesday, and Friday your days for strength. Then Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday can be your days for cardio. Or, you can do it vice-versa, whatever works best for you, but leave Sunday as a rest day. Just like your body needs to sleep, your muscles need time to recuperate.

Next, let’s specify your workouts a little more to target certain areas. On your strength training days focus each day on a specific area. For example, you could do upper body workouts on Monday, strengthen your core on Wednesday, then do leg day on Friday. This way each part of your body will build muscle.

Also, don’t forget to challenge yourself. Doing the exact same workout with the same amount of weight isn’t going to help you. If you’re not breaking a sweat or feeling sore, then you can probably assume your workout isn’t challenging you. It’s all a balancing act. Find the amount of weight that allows you to do a few repetitions. Too many reps means you need more weight, and not enough reps means you need to take it down a notch or two.

Let’s not forget the best part about working out – the clothes! Wearing cute, comfortable workout gear is the best, and you can’t go wrong with bamboo. It’s lightweight, breathable and will move with your body. Not to mention it’s also moisture wicking and odor resistant – perfect for any workout.