Fitness after 40 – Tips for Staying Healthy, Fit Longer

Fitness after 40 – Tips for Staying Healthy, Fit Longer

Staying fit and maintaining your physique can be more and more challenging as you age. Your body may seem like it’s working against you.

Instead of fighting an uphill battle, consider some different perspectives and some tried and true principles for getting and staying in shape, as shared by our friends over at Having Fun Saving:

Fitness after 40

Yep, I said it. After 40. I just recently had my birthday and, according to my birth certificate, I’m officially over 40. I’ll admit, I don’t feel much different, and I don’t suddenly feel older than I did a few months ago. But, I do know that my body is going to start changing, if it hasn’t already.

My bone mass will start to change, and I’ll start losing muscle – just because I’m over 40 – no other reason (no fair!). The need for exercise will actually begin to increase to keep my mind and body healthy. I’ll start to lose elasticity in my skin and places will start to sag that haven’t before, more fine lines and wrinkles will eventually pop up, it will be easier to gain weight, it will be harder to lose weight, my joints will hurt more than they did 20 years ago, and if you’re a women – those fun hormone fluctuations will flare up.

Geeze, doesn’t that all sound like a lot of fun? I mean, wow, I can’t wait! Saggy skin, wrinkles, and hot flashes – woohoo! But, no matter how much I don’t want any of that to happen, there’s no way to stop it completely. One way to make sure I’m taking the best care of ME for many years is by following a fitness routine.

Work out different areas of our body and be sure you’re including both cardio and strength training. I like to run, bike, and go to Jazzercise. But, if you haven’t been following a regular fitness program, and now you have decided it’s time to give it a try, GREAT JOB, this will be one of the best decisions of your life!

As I mentioned above, after 40 we start to lose muscle mass, and the only way to keep it and/or get some back is by including a solid muscle strengthening component into your workout plan. Loss of muscle can lead to balance problems down the road, and balance problems can lead to much bigger problems…like falling and breaking a hip.

Physical fitness after 40 can help protect against illness, frailty, heart complications, and more. In fact, regular midlife exercise might be a powerful way to prevent chronic illness, and even to keep dementia away. Working out can help stop osteoporosis, and a study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism found because pre-menopausal women who worked out for as little as two hours a week maintained healthier bones than those who do not exercise. Come on guys, we can handle two hours a week to help maintain healthy bones, can’t we?!

In fact, the American Heart Association states that regular, moderately intense physical activity can lower your risk of heart disease, heart attack and stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Just another great reason to add exercise into your daily routine.

When you lead a healthier lifestyle, you just FEEL better. That means you’ll sleep better, deal with stress easier, increase your energy and, more than likely, just be a happier person.

A healthier lifestyle includes:

  • Doing some cardio at least 3 times a week
  • Strength training
  • Stretching before and after workouts. Stretching is great for those muscles that we’re trying to keep.
  • Following a healthy diet and increasing your protein intake
  • Drinking water
  • NOT smoking
  • Limiting your adult beverages
  • Don’t rush it! As you get older, adding muscle and losing fat will take a little longer, which is completely normal. Don’t give up. With patience and determination, you CAN DO THIS! No matter how old, or young, you are, committing to taking better care of your body will give you benefits that last a lifetime.

    *When starting a new exercise routine, moderation is the key, like when trying anything new. Remember that injuries take longer to heal as we get older as well, so don’t push it. I am NOT a doctor, nor is this post meant to give any medical advice. Always consult a doctor with questions regarding your health and your body.

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