Doing More With Bamboo – From Fiji to Costa Rica

Bamboo bike on Coronado Island near San Diego, CA - photograph by loop_oh on Flickr

The bamboo frenzy continues…capturing the attention of designers, retailers and builders in diverse places and diverse projects all over the world. No doubt you already know that it’s one of the most beneficial resources on the planet, and news of its many uses are springing up in bamboo industry news outlets, school programs and government projects on a worldwide level, further solidifying its longevity and validity as a favored fiber for our future. Take a look at the most recent cropping….

First UK-Built Bamboo Bike Unveiled
“The first UK-built mountain bike made out of bamboo has been unveiled at a major cycling exhibition.”

“Its designers, from Oxford Brookes University, say the natural material has the strength of steel but the responsiveness of carbon fibre.” BBC News writer, Mark Kinver, reports on the unveiling of the United Kingdom’s first bamboo-built bike.

Bamboo Industry Growing in Fiji
“THE use of bamboos in Indonesia attracted Indonesian Ambassador Chandar Salim to Savusavu’s bamboo clothing factory yesterday.”

“Bamboo Fiji, known for manufacturing clothes made from bamboo, is a popular international market, especially among tourists.” Fiji Times talks more about the promising future for bamboo.

Electric-powered Bamboo Scooters
“While electric bikes may or not be better than their people-powered counterparts, the push-along scooter seems like a perfect candidate for some extra electric oomph. What’s more, the lesser stresses of a scooter’s simple design looks like a better fit for bamboo, too.” spotlights Electric Bamboo Scooter being perfect for the morning Bakery Run.

Bamboo Building Industry has Room to Grow
“People who build with bamboo are usually true believers, convinced that there is no better construction material on Earth. They cite instances from around the world of multi-story buildings made entirely of bamboo, bridges that support heavy traffic, elegant bamboo hotels and convention halls, buildings that easily withstand earthquakes and hurricanes, and centuries-old bamboo homes as proof that this material, if used correctly, has few limitations.”, a weekly edition newspaper out of San Jose, Costa Rica, reports on the growing bamboo building industry, specifically in resort hotels and houses.

What do you most like about bamboo? Does knowing that it’s eco-friendly and soft to the touch make you want it more? Weigh in below in the comments.