Cruise Planners Love Cariloha Bamboo

Cruise Planners Agents and Cariloha

Ever worked with a travel agent to plan and book a cruise vacation for yourself or your family? Chances are you booked your cruise through a Cruise Planner Agent, as they’re stationed throughout the United States, and they help field, plan and book the vast majority of all cruises in America.

Recently, Cariloha partnered with Cruise Planners to help promote Cariloha’s stores and bamboo products, which are found in nearly every major cruise ship port in the Caribbean, Hawaii and Mexico.

Cariloha’s VP of Cruise Marketing, Jamie Sage (pictured far right), conducted a Cariloha and Del Sol (sister brand) training session for Cruise Planners’ Florida-based sales team last week. They had a great time, learned a lot about Cariloha, and fell in love with the bamboo products.

Thanks Cruise Planners!