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Sleep Better in Bamboo Sheets

10 Apr


It’s no secret a good night’s sleep is essential to your physical health and sense of well-being. It improves your ability to think on your feet, learn new skills, and get along with others. If you aren’t sleeping well, your life suffers. Bamboo sheets solve a multitude of sleeping problems. Whether you suffer from hot flashes, hate the scratchy feel of cotton-blend fabrics, or worry about more sustainable textiles, you’ll sleep better in bamboo sheets. Here are some of the advantages bamboo sheets have to offer.

Indescribably Soft

Bamboo textiles have a sheen that rivals silk, and a hand feel that compares to cashmere. Bamboo viscose fabrics get softer with every wash, and they resist unsightly and uncomfortable pilling that interfere with deep sleep. Most bamboo sheets have a 300 to 400 bamboo thread count, which actually exceeds the softness and comfort of 1,000-count Egyptian cotton sheets.

Great for Thermal Regulation

Bamboo sheets wick away moisture better than other natural fabrics. If you are a hot sleeper or in the throes of menopausal night sweats, you’ll love the way bamboo sheets keep you comfortable. Bamboo plants are highly water-absorbent; they can absorb three times their weight in water. Bamboo sheets share that quality, easily wicking away sweat for quick evaporation to keep you cool. Bamboo also has incredible insulating properties, so you stay warm in winter and cool in summer.

Repels Odor

Textiles made from bamboo fibers are naturally resistant to odors that cause sheets to smell bad in warm weather. “Bamboo kun” is a naturally occurring substance in bamboo sheets; it is odor-resistant and anti-fungal, even after frequent washings. Unlike cotton sheets that absorb and retain odors from sweat and other bodily fluids, bamboo sheets stay fresh and odor-free between washings.

Naturally Anti-Allergenic

Those with allergies and sensitive skin have several choices in bedding materials, but most anti-allergenic sheets are treated with chemicals to reduce allergic reactions. Bamboo sheets are naturally anti-allergenic; in addition, bamboo plants require virtually no pesticides or harmful chemicals during the growth process, further reducing the potential for sensitivity. Bamboo textiles also require far less dye than their cotton counterparts, meaning that bamboo sheets require far fewer non-organic and earth-friendly components.

Move with You

Bamboo’s incredible lightness and softness make it a perfect choice for comfortable bedding textiles. Unlike stiffer cottons and synthetic rayon fabrics, bamboo sheets move with you as you shift positions during the night. Most people change their sleep positions more than five times each night; bamboo sheets don’t restrict your body’s natural movements during sleep. Their unique draping characteristics let them easily move with you, letting you stay asleep no matter how many times you change positions during the night.

Good for the Environment

Bamboo is highly sustainable. Some strains of bamboo grow at an astonishing rate of 12 to 24 inches per day, and they require no fertilizers, pesticides, or even irrigation to sustain their miraculous growth. Bamboo regenerates itself, growing back to its full size and glory after being harvested without needing to be replanted.

Cotton, on the other hand, accounts for 10 percent of all the agricultural chemical use worldwide. And cotton is water-hungry: It takes over 5,200 gallons of water to produce enough cotton for just one pair of jeans and one T-shirt.

Bamboo is also biodegradable. Discarded bamboo sheets and textiles won’t languish in landfills taking years to decompose like synthetic fabrics. Bamboo sheets are natural and organic and decompose like other organic plant matter and don’t release harmful gases into the environment.

If you’re not getting a good night’s sleep, consider switching to soft, breathable, and environmentally friendly bamboo sheets.


Westend Fashion Reviews Cariloha Bamboo Clothing

26 Mar


Once you’ve felt the difference in softness, comfort and style from Cariloha’s eco-friendly bamboo fabrics, you may never feel like wearing anything else. You’ll simply long to embrace that naturally comfortable lifestyle that Cariloha provides every single day. And, with clothing, bedding, fitness wear, and bath goods all made from bamboo, you can truly make that happen.

To help illustrate the point, here’s an honest, unbiased review from Westend Fashion describing her discovery and enjoyment of Cariloha Bamboo Clothing. We hope it gives you further insight into the world of bamboo before you make the plunge into natural luxury…

A recent trip to Antigua brought about a new and interesting find on the fashion market: Bamboo Clothing! This is something totally refreshing to me. The Caribbean guarantees lots of sunshine and the unique bamboo material guarantees features that adapt to that environment.

Still, these items of clothing are just as loveable at home because of their extensive comfort. Cariloha is the name behind my recent holiday purchases – it offers a broad range of clothing and accessories which can be found on their website. I am already desperate to make another Cariloha buy- a light and colourful bamboo scarf, an even newer fashion!

What to expect from BAMBOO in fabric:

Moisture Wicking
UV protection

These two fun, vibrant tops are super practical and cute with the extra detail of a string tie at the bottom. They look simple but are so soft and light, ideal for a sunny holiday or cosy lounge around at home.

Read the rest of Westend Fashion’s review of Cariloha Bamboo Clothing here.

Cariloha Launches Spring 2015 Bamboo Hat Collection

13 Mar


Cariloha this week launched its spring 2015 bamboo hat collection, which is made from eco-friendly bamboo-fabric blends and designed and inspired by Cariloha’s product managers. All bamboo hats are available exclusively at Cariloha stores and on

This season’s bamboo hat line features versatile fitted sports-mesh hats (unisex in black and white), fitted Jacquard hats (unisex in black, charcoal, dry dock and Carolina blue), classic six-panel adjustable-strap mesh hats (unisex in black and white), adjustable Jacquard hats (unisex in black, light gray, and navy), and women’s cadet hats (black and white). All hats are sewn together with lightweight bamboo fabric – some including poly-mesh backs or a polyester blend.

“These bamboo hats are some of the most refreshingly cool, naturally comfortable hats you’ll ever wear because they’re made from ultra-soft, environmentally friendly bamboo,” said Scott Brady, Cariloha AVP of Communications. “Each hat features a breathable, modern design and a clean, sophisticated look that complements several clothing styles and color stories within Cariloha’s current bamboo apparel lines.”


With this spring hat launch, Cariloha store owners, upon ordering for their stores, can now choose to customize each bamboo hat with one of five different logoed-patch embellishments. They can also choose to add a store location namedrop to their hats, further customizing hats for Cariloha customers.

“Hats complement or complete an outfit, and they shade your eyes and head from the sun, but what makes these bamboo hats so special is that they feel softer and lighter than your typical hat, and they wick away moisture and repel odor naturally,” said Brady. “They’re also trendy and stylish and will keep customers’ heads cool and comfortable.”

Cariloha Bamboo hats come with a 90-day quality guarantee. If the hats don’t live up to the customers’ expectations, Cariloha will replace them free. Retail pricing is $32.


Adjustable Mesh Hats
• Mid-profile; structured fit.
• Velcro back; sleek, thin fit and construction.
• Bamboo icon on branding clip on hat back.
• Hat Front: 100% bamboo. Hat Mesh Back: 100% poly/mesh.
• Custom Cariloha bamboo taping on hat interior.

Adjustable Jacquard Hats
• Low-profile.
• Sturdy, buckle closure.
• Bamboo icon on branding clip on hat back.
• Custom Cariloha bamboo taping on hat interior.
• 40% Bamboo Charcoal / 60% Polyester


Fitted Mesh Hats
• Mid-profile; structured fit.
• Hat Front: 100% bamboo. Hat Mesh Back: 100% poly/mesh.
• Air sports mesh for breathability and comfort.
• Custom Cariloha bamboo taping on hat interior.
• Two sizes: S/M and L/XL

Fitted Jacquard Hats
• Mid-profile; structured fit.
• Cariloha bamboo branding embroidery on the back of hat.
• Custom Cariloha bamboo taping on hat interior.
• 40% Bamboo Charcoal / 60% Polyester
• Two sizes: S/M and L/XL


Women’s Cadet Hats
• Hat is made of 100% bamboo.
• Cariloha branding tag on hat bill.
• Decorative patch on back center of hat.
• Penny Velcro pocket.
• Plaid interior of hat.
• One size fits most.

Wrap up in Bamboo Clothing Fashion this Spring

12 Mar


Warmer weather gets us excited for cooler outfits. Cariloha’s bamboo clothing and accessories help regulate your temperature, wick moisture away from your body, and keep you 3 degrees cooler than cotton-based fabrics. Your best options for cool, comfortable fashion are lightweight and airy clothing made with cooling fabrics. According to many fashion experts, bamboo is earning the top spot in casual and athletic wear that keeps you cool, dry and comfortable – no matter your surroundings.

You don’t have to take our word for it, though. Read this unbiased media review about Cariloha’s bamboo clothing and decide for yourself.

Wrapped up in Bamboo Fashion for Spring & Summer
By Diva Fabulosa

I got my first bamboo shirt from Cariloha Bamboo and it became my favorite workout shirt because of its soft silky feel and comfortable wear. It is twice as soft as cotton, 3 degrees cooler, and it wicks moisture away from the body. This summer season I got three new Cariloha pieces to add to my growing bamboo fashion collection.

First is a Bamboo Dolman Shirt in Charcoal shade that I can use for casual or sporty looks. It has a curved hem that falls like a deep scoop and it doesn’t have a set-in sleeves. What I like about the cut of this shirt is that you can wear it three ways. It can be worn with layers, off-shoulder, or simply as it is. It can also be worn with shorts, pants, or short skirts.

My second addition is a Bamboo Linen Pants with drawstring-tie waist, front patch pockets, and button-closure pockets in the back. Aside from the stylish design, I like the lightweight and airy feel that you get when wearing these linen pants. Take it with you to the beach and pair it up with flip flops or flat sandals for a casual afternoon stroll.

I decided to get a Geo Bamboo Infinity Scarf to complement my existing Cariloha shirts and other tees in my wardrobe. The scarf is made of 100% viscose from bamboo and printed with geometric shapes in bright and bold colors. You can wrap it on your head to protect you from the harmful rays of the sun or on your neck and shoulders during cool evenings.

Read the rest of Diva Fabulosa’s review of Cariloha bamboo clothing here.

What’s your favorite bamboo clothing style? How does it make you feel in warm or cold weather?

Cariloha Launches Spring 2015 Bamboo Shirt Graphic Tee Collection

5 Mar

cariloha bamboo spring 2015 graphic tee launch

Cariloha’s made-from-bamboo graphic tees are available exclusively at Cariloha stores and on

Bamboo clothing, bedding and bath goods retailer, Cariloha, this week launched its spring graphic tee collection for men and women. Each design is printed on Cariloha’s eco-friendly bamboo-blended fabrics and designed and inspired by Cariloha’s Art and Illustration team.

Available exclusively at Cariloha stores, and online later this month, the spring collection features nine new women’s bamboo shirt designs and nine new men’s all offered on 20+ different color combinations and shirt styles.

cariloha bamboo spring 2015 graphic tee launchcariloha bamboo spring 2015 graphic tee launchcariloha bamboo shirt graphic tee spring 2015

“The new designs provide customers with an assortment of on-trend, comfortable shirts that are adaptable and fashionable enough to be worn in multiple settings and occasions,” said Scott Brady, Cariloha VP of Communications. “Not only are they in high demand right now, but they’re also mixed in with several unique, tonal colors that customers will love.”

Cariloha’s Bamboo shirts, featuring new graphic prints, are made from Cariloha’s proprietary viscose-from-bamboo blends, which consist of 70% viscose from bamboo (in most shirts) and 30% organic cotton for additional structure and ideal drape. Shirt styles include V-necks, hoodies, crew neck, scoops, racer tanks, Dolmans, and pocket crews. Shirt retail pricing is $34.

cariloha bamboo spring 2015 graphic tee launchcariloha bamboo spring 2015 graphic tee launchcariloha bamboo shirt graphic tee spring 2015

“If customers are from a warm, humid climate, the hypoallergenic, moisture-wicking properties of our bamboo shirts help regulate temperature and help prevent skin irritation, unlike non-bamboo shirts,” said Brady. “Allergies, odors and heat are repelled easier because of the naturally occurring bamboo properties, which make the shirts ideal for a long, hot day away from home.”

You can see the entire bamboo shirt spring 2015 graphic tee collection here.

Cariloha Bamboo shirts come with a 90-day quality guarantee. If the shirts don’t live up to customers’ expectations, Cariloha will replace them free. Cariloha Bamboo shirts are machine washable and tumble dried low, so maintenance is easy and worry-free. Shirts get even softer after washing.

Which men’s design do you like best? Which women’s design do you like best?

Behind The Designs: 2015 Bamboo Scarf Launch

13 Feb

Cariloha recently launched its 2015 Bamboo Scarf Collection, which offers beautiful, bold colors and irresistible softness. These new trendy scarves were hand-picked and created by Cariloha’s Product and Design Teams. Their goal was to provide customers with a stylish variety of scarves that could become staples in a customer’s every day wardrobe. The scarves’ lightweight fabrics and contrasting colors meld seamlessly with any outfit.

To more fully appreciate these bamboo scarves, we’d like to share the inspiration and process behind them from the perspective of Cariloha’s Product Design Manager, Aimee O.

Where do you look for personal design inspiration? 

I don’t look to just one source for inspiration. I keep an eye on the market and runways for upcoming trends and products. I find so much inspiration while being outdoors. Gardening and hiking can be credited for some of my greatest inspirational moments. Something about nature’s color and textures mixed with the calm feeling of these environments really sets my creativity free. I tend to incorporate much of my personal style into the Cariloha product design. I love to find inspiration in that unexpected piece; a bold new print to incorporate into our line, with a color that walks the line of being too bold, but somehow finds its home nestled among the Cariloha product assortment.

The photography/design team finds inspiration from the products themselves. These scarves are easy to fall in love with. They’re so easy to pair with a basic T-shirt, blazer, and your favorite jeans. To capture the beauty of these scarves, we gained outside inspiration from the Art Nouveau area. We examined each scarf individually and listed out what elements (books, drawings, watercolors, pastels, etc.) to describe each story.

What inspires you in the color-selection process?

The outdoors draw more inspiration than anything else. The colors and textures are nothing short of breathtaking. I often pull a color story from a mountain top, a sunset, or a simple image of the blue ocean.

What is your process for hand-selecting these fabric blends?

With this line, I found it very important to create a collection of light-weight, fashion-forward scarves that are new and refreshing for Cariloha. I desired to incorporate a style that can blend and be worn with any piece from the Cariloha bamboo product line. You can do so many different things with fabric blends these days, however, some of my favorite pieces are 100% Viscose from Bamboo. There is nothing more relaxing than wrapping one of these babies around your neck. Capturing the textures of these bamboo scarves in a photograph is so effortless.

What captured your eye with these new designs?

What captured my eye the most was the color and saturation of each individual dye and print. Each style has it’s own voice, and I love how different each one is. The dip dye of the Pashminas are subtle and soft and lend themselves to the flow of the fabrication. The Nautical Stripes are quiet and understated even with a bold stripe pattern they manage to be soft and subtle. The Geo Infinity is a bold statement, and I absolutely love how forward this print is. The flow of each individual fabric is so appealing. Adding various sketches, watercolors, plants, books, pencils, and pens around these scarves resonates softness and the colors of each scarf was brilliantly planned. It made it easy to share the story of their creation.


You’ve selected staples for Cariloha, but what makes this launch different? What’s the inside story in this collection?

We’re so excited to introduce these colors and prints. This introduces new sizes and styles of scarves to fit any aspect of life. This was the most important to us. I wanted to introduce a variety of different scarves, not just colors and prints. These scarves can be worn in so many different ways and can be worn with virtually any outfit. Cariloha scarves are the fastest and easiest way to dress up an outfit. This collection is what every Cariloha customer has been waiting for, and you need to get your hands on each and every piece.

How do you like to wear these bamboo scarves?

You can wear the geometric scarf with anything! From a maxi dress to dressing up a basic tee, these colors and prints have the ability to take any outfit to the next level within seconds!

The functionality of the Pashminas make them a great buy. We often style the Jade Pashmina,  Charcoal Scoop Tee, dark jeans, Sorel boots, and a black blazer. You can wear them in so many different ways. Nothing like wrapping up in a bamboo Pashmina during a walk through the park at the end of date night.

10 Ways to Tie a Bamboo Infinity Scarf – Cariloha Bamboo

6 Feb

Cariloha’s recently introduced bamboo scarf collection is made from luxuriously soft, eco-friendly bamboo fabric blends and is designed and inspired by Cariloha’s product designers.

Once you’ve got the perfect scarf, you need to learn how to tie the perfect knots and looks. Watch this short video and learn 10 creative ways to tie your Bamboo Infinity Scarf. You’ll learn everything from the ‘Double Loop’ and ‘Pretzel’ to the ‘Slip Knot’ and ‘Shawl’.

Available exclusively at Cariloha stores and online, this year’s bamboo scarf collection features six modern scarf styles, which are all offered on various color, texture and design combinations.

Cariloha’s bamboo scarves boast beautifully bold colors and irresistibly soft fabrics. They provide textural contrast to any of our Cariloha Bamboo tees or meld seamlessly with a bamboo hoodie or dress.

Cariloha Bamboo Scarves Features:
NEW – Lightweight-style scarf fabric that’s ideal for warmer and cooler weather.
NEW – Geo Infinity Scarves geometric print design complements and coordinates perfectly with Cariloha’s Bamboo Style shirts.
NEW – Nautical Stripe Scarves are open ended and also coordinate well with our Bamboo Style shirts.
NEW – Dip-dyed Pashmina Scarves feature a soft color gradation from end to end. With this popular design being wider than other scarves, it has the versatility to wear as a scarf or a shawl. Essential for cool nights on the beach or boat.

Retail price is $36.

A Cariloha Bamboo scarf is a great accessory for summer nights when a jacket is too much but a tank or sleeveless top is too little. Scarves can completely change the look and feel of an outfit. For customers who travel often, scarves become very useful because they can pack light and still pull off a variety of outfits for multiple occasions.

Color Combinations: Geo Infinity Caribbean Coral Scarf, Geo Infinity Jade Scarf, Pashmina Jade Scarf, Pashmina Charcoal Scarf, Nautical Stripe Sea Glass Scarf, Nautical Stripe Caribbean Coral Scarf.

Four of the six bamboo scarves are made of 100% viscose from bamboo, while the other two consist of 57% cotton and 43% rayon from bamboo to provide a unique structure, texture and drape.

What other ways do you like to tie your scarves? Which look do you like best?

Six Must-Have, Eco-Friendly Souvenirs from the Caribbean

5 Feb


What’s more relaxing than a Caribbean vacation? White sandy beaches, crystal clear water, and a cool island breeze work together to elevate your mind and body to a whole other level of leisure. If and when you emerge from your tropical stupor long enough to remember your loved ones who are stuck back at home, you’ll probably want to bring them the perfect Caribbean souvenir.

But where to start? Even though it’s a vacation, you still want to spend your money responsibly. For many people, part of responsible gift-giving means thinking ahead to consider the impact a gift might have on the environment. If you include yourself among them, take a look at these amazing eco-friendly Caribbean souvenirs.

1. Color-Changing Tee

While a T-shirt may seem like a generic gift, Del Sol’s color-changing tee is entirely original. The company uses organic photochromic dyes to create beautiful graphic T-shirts that bloom into color when exposed to sunlight. They’re reasonably priced at $25, which is a steal considering they’re both fashionable and novel. The best part? You can order them right from Del Sol’s website, rather than having to worry about fitting them into your already overstuffed suitcase.

2. Bamboo Coaster Set

Products made from bamboo are all the rage now within the eco-friendly textile market, and for good reason. Bamboo grows quickly and abundantly without the need for harsh chemicals or pesticides, and the final products are biodegradable. A beautiful coaster set created from bamboo, made by the Caribbean Trading Company of Palmer, Puerto Rico, makes an elegant gift to anyone who fancies themselves environmentally conscious.

3. Bamboo Cutting Board

That special chef in your life could use a durable, sustainable cutting board. This board comes adorned with a beautifully detailed seahorse icon and includes a cocktail fork in the shape of a spiral shell. Like the coaster set, a cutting board made from bamboo is gentle on the environment. Once the board has reached the end of its usefulness or simply gets replaced, it can go into a landfill and break down easily, or it can be repurposed into a totally new item.

4. Bamboo Clothing

Keeping with the bamboo theme, clothing made from the plant is a wonderful gift as well. Not only is it eco-friendly, but it’s kind to the wearer as well. Bamboo clothing is softer than the softest cotton, with a silky sheen for a luxurious flair. The material moves freely to complement your shape and is very durable. It’s hypoallergenic and boasts odor-resistant properties that aid in preventing the spread of certain infections and irritations. Our very own Cariloha shirts are high quality but affordable, and they come with all the benefits bamboo clothing has to offer.

5. Bamboo Picture Frames

This gift is ideal for anyone, including yourself. You can bring back these bamboo picture frames and use them to display your favorite vacation moments, or you could still gift them to a loved one. Either way, their rich detail and color will make them a standout among anyone’s picture collection. Like the cutting board and coaster set, this item is great for repurposing if you decide to replace it.

6. Bamboo Beach Towel

The bamboo plant is super absorbent, and that trait carries over when it’s processed into textile material. This makes a bamboo beach towel especially good at its job. It easily absorbs moisture and wicks away water so you can dry off quicker. A great gift for anyone who loves to have fun in the sun by the pool or at the beach.

These are just a few examples of the kinds of souvenirs you can use to wow your loved ones without being harsh on the environment. Your loved ones will be grateful that you thought of them during your vacation to the Caribbean, and even more impressed by your concern for our planet.