Cariloha Customer Service Made Better By You

Cariloha Customer Service

Every business encounters unforeseeable problems on a regular basis. How those problems are handled and resolved ultimately sets some businesses apart from the rest. Most customers understand this concept because we’ve all experienced good and bad customer service. Both the good and the bad leave lasting impressions. The organizations that continue to provide their customers with heavier doses of good experiences unfailingly stand the test of time.

Thank you, customers and fans, for taking the time out of your busy schedules to tell us how Cariloha is doing and what kind of customer service you’re receiving. So far, we’re hearing from you that we’re mostly doing a great job, and you’re getting the service that you deserve. At the same time, we know that we can do even better, which is what we’ll strive to do. Please continue to send us your feedback so that we can make Cariloha everything you want it to be.

Here’s some recent customer feedback to help illustrate the point:

Dear Cariloha,

I just wanted to let you know about your Customer Care Manager: Jenna Gardner. If it where not for her outstanding service she gave me with the issue I had on sheets that I purchased while on a cruise, you would have lost a customer.

I bought a set of King sheets while on the cruise, washed them put them on the bed, washed them again and when I went to put them on, the side seam was torn. I called customer service and spoke with a young lady, Angela, who at that time was very nice, apologized and said she would send me another set and to return those. A shipping label was sent in an email to me.

I searched the Internet for a contact and did come across a gentleman who I actually called his cell a Mr. Brady. He explained he was not in this department but would help to find the right contact. He too went out of his way like Jenna.

My writing is to let you know that service is everything and sometimes the people who answer the phones need to show some compassion to what the costumer has gone through and really listen.

Jenna showed just that, as I have my new set on the bed and hope they wash well and she has also refunded my money and for the extra postage since I was told to put them in one box. She has emailed me a wonderful note to let me know the [situation with my sheets]. She is an asset to your business and because of her I will order other products.

I appreciate what she did in taking the time to write me as well. Also, Mr. Brady was kind to listen to me and get me to the right contact.

Thank you.

Kathy W.