Cariloha Weekend Party List – National French Fries Day!

National French Fries Day

Cariloha Friday! . . . and, Friday the 13th at the same time. Good omen or bad omen? You be the judge of that. For me, I’m seeing it as a normal, enjoyable Cariloha Friday that I’ve come to love and appreciate with a hint of mystery and surprise in the air. Aside from that, it’s also National Ice Cream Day, National French Fries Day, and National Tapioca Day! Delicious! Just the right amount of salt and sugar to satisfy our taste buds.

As you begin to test the weekend waters, be sure to get your Cariloha style on, letting it take you to a new hamburger joint to celebrate National French Fries Day or a new ice cream parlor for National Ice Cream Day.  Be sure to share a treat with your mom, friend, child, or sibling.

Let’s get started. Pop in your favorite Harrison Ford movie, scarf down some French fries, and be a geek (today), then, pin a note to your cork board to wear your birthday suit whenever possible and top a dessert off with some fresh blueberries (tomorrow), next,  hug a horse and a cow and eat as much ice cream and tapioca as your stomach can handle (Sunday), finally, eat something healthy for a change like spinach (Monday). Have a freaky Friday the 13th weekend!

However you approach your weekend, make it a memorable time and don’t forget to wrap up in your Cariloha bamboo-soft clothing, sheets or towels every day.

July 13 – July 16
13- Friday the 13th
13- Go West Day
13- National French Fries Day
13- Fool’s Paradise Day
13- International Puzzle Day (birthday of Erno Rubik 1944, inventor of Rubik’s Cube)
13- Barbershop Music Appreciation Day
13- Harrison Ford, actor, Star Wars, Raiders of the Lost Ark, more (1942)
13- Embrace Your Geekness Day

14- Cork Board Birthday (1891)
14- Crop Circles Birthday (1988)
14- Billy the Kid is Shot and Killed by Sheriff Pat Garrett (1881)
14- Farm Heritage Day
14- Pick Blueberries Day
14- Tape Measure Birthday 1868
14- Bastille Day
14- Pandemonium Day
14- National Nude Day

15- Baseball No-Hitter Birthday (1876)
15- I Love Horses Day
15- Rembrandt’s Birthday (1606)
15- Forgetful Jones’ Birthday (Sesame Street)
15- First Manned Space Flight (1975)
15- Margarine Birthday (1869)
15- French National Anthem Day
15- National Tapioca Pudding Day
15- Respect Canada Day
15- National Ice Cream Day (third Sunday of the month)
15- Cow Appreciation Day- Go out and give a cow a hug

16- Fresh Spinach Day
16- Parking Meters Birthday (1935)
16- International Juggling Day

Tell the folks here at Cariloha how you celebrated your weekend. What did you do? How did you make it memorable? Send us a picture wearing or using bamboo clothing, bedding or bath goods, and we’ll post it on our blog for a prize.