Cariloha Weekend Party List – Happy Columbus Day!

Columbus Day

Cariloha Friday! plus Columbus Day weekend. Not too shabby. I know Columbus Day is typically not a work day off for most people in the United States, but it’s still a memorable, significant holiday. Every October, it gets a prominent spot on the calendar – maybe not since 1492, but ever since I can remember. So why not enjoy it and make your own Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria boats to race in the bath tub or swimming pool. Have a good time with old Christopher Columbus – he would’ve wanted it that way, I’m sure.

As you venture out this autumn weekend, be sure to get your Cariloha style on, letting it inspire your unique talents to do something new for a change. Show your gratitude for friends, neighbors and family.

Smile wide and do something nice for a friend or a teacher – maybe swing by McDonald’s as well (today), then, try to be as frugal as possible and speak with a German accent over a delicious plate of bratwurst with a touch of garlic (tomorrow), next, take time to smell the roses and make your own frappe (Sunday), finally, discover Columbus Day anew and play a few games of tag (Monday). Happy Columbus Day Weekend!

However you choose to approach your weekend, make it a memorable time and don’t forget to wrap up in your Cariloha bamboo-soft clothing, sheets or towels every day.

October 5 – October 8
5- World Smile Day (First Friday of Month)
5- Do Something Nice Day
5- World Teacher’s Day
5- Ray Kroc’s Birthday (McDonald’s Founder – 1902)
5- National Story Telling Day
5- Ichabod and Mr. Toad Birthday (1949)

6- German American Day
6- International Frugal Fun Day (1st Saturday of month)
6- Mad Hatter Day
6- Come and Take it Day
6- Garlic Lovers Day
6- Physician Assistant Day

7- Cats on Broadway Day (1982)
7- Bald and Free Day
7- National Flower Day (1986, Pres. Ronald Reagan signed bill to make the rose the national flower)
7- National Frappe Day

8- American Tag Day (play tag)
8- National Children’s Day
8- Tube Top Birthday (1975)
8- Columbus Day

Tell the folks here at Cariloha how you celebrated your weekend. What did you do? How did you make it memorable? Send us a picture wearing or using bamboo clothing, bedding or bath goods, and we’ll post it on our blog for a prize.