Cariloha Weekend Party List – Build A Scarecrow Day!

Build a Scarecrow Day on July 1

Cariloha Friday! And a precursor holiday weekend to the Independence Day holiday weekend coming next week in the United States. If you could grocery shop for holiday weekends, you might hear something like this over the store’s intercom system: “Get two back-to-back holiday weekends for the price of one!” After hearing this, you’d rush the cashier with a bag full of hotdog buns and firecrackers.

As you begin to test the weekend waters, be sure to get your Cariloha style on, too, letting it bring out the best in yourself and those around you. Make a plan to celebrate at least two of the bizarre holidays listed below.

Let’s get started.  Snap a few photos and hug a friend (today), then, gaze up at the night sky for meteor showers and sing London Bridges Falling Down (tomorrow), next, build a scarecrow with the kids, lick a stamp, and scoop up some ice cream (Sunday), finally, search for UFOs or watch the movie, Close Encounters of the Third Kind (Monday). Have a wonderful, summery weekend!

However you approach your weekend, make it a memorable time and don’t forget to wrap up in your Cariloha bamboo-soft clothing, sheets or towels every day.

June 29 – July 2
29- National Ducks & Wetlands Day
29- Camera Day
29- Hug Holiday
29- Waffle Iron Day
30- Corvette’s Birthday (1953)
30- Meteor Day
30- London Bridge Birthday (1894)
1- Princess Diana’s Birthday
1- Build A Scarecrow Day – first Sunday in month
1- Canada Day
1- Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day
1- International Joke Day
1- American Zoo Day – U.S. First Zoo (1874)
1- U.S. Stamp Anniversary
1- Guy Smiley’s Birthday (Sesame Street)
1- Popeye Birthday
1- Battle of Gettysburg Anniversary (1863)
1- Sony Walkman Birthday (1979)
1- Sunglasses Birthday
1- Early Bird Day
1- Vitamins Birthday (1911)
2- I Forgot Day
2- World UFO Day
2- Amelia Earhart’s Disappearance (1937)
2- Zeppelin Birthday 1900

Tell the folks here at Cariloha how you celebrated your weekend. What did you do? How did you make it memorable? Send us a picture wearing or using bamboo clothing, bedding or bath goods, and we’ll post it on our blog for a prize.