Cariloha Friday! Where did it come from?

Cariloha St. Maarten Store

Long before Cariloha became an official retail brand, it was a weekly tradition within our parent company, Pedersen Worldwide, and sister retail brand, Del Sol.

Because we’ve always had our roots in the Caribbean and Hawaiian Islands, we were always finding ways to fuse Hawaiian Aloha with Caribbean Culture. One such way was through our weekly dress-down day on Fridays. Every Friday, corporate employees would come to work in their favorite Hawaiian/Caribbean shirts, shorts, flip-flops, etc. We began calling this weekly tradition Cariloha Friday – a combination of Caribbean and Aloha.

The tradition caught on quickly and began to evolve. In addition to what we wore every Cariloha Friday, people began playing their favorite Caribbean and Hawaiian tunes and riding long boards throughout the office from meeting to meeting. The Cariloha Friday tradition stuck around and carries on today. And, as you know, the Cariloha retail brand was born in 2007 by way of our induction and creation of Cariloha bamboo-soft clothing.

Just like Cariloha’s soft bamboo products, Cariloha Fridays are for everyone. Adopt it as your own and let it evolve as you please. Ultimately, Cariloha bamboo is all yours, helping you stay cool and making it Friday every day.

How do you celebrate Cariloha Fridays? Maybe send us a picture or two.