Cariloha Bamboo Softness Soothes Pain, Helps Child Sleep

Cariloha Bamboo Products

Recently, a Cariloha customer called in to tell us that her daughter was just diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder, and her occupational therapist told the family that really soft fabrics were good for the daughter’s treatment and development.

The customer heard about Cariloha and bamboo and decided to try it. She said that it’s been fabulous. They bought two sets of sheets and some T-shirts.

The daughter has been in love with the sheets ever since and it has actually helped her sleep at night, which had been difficult in the past. They even re-decorated the daughter’s room and had the paint match the sheet color, so they now have Cariloha sage walls. Cariloha bamboo products really do have therapeutic qualities.

Thanks for sharing your love of bamboo with us. We’re so happy that it’s making your world more comfortable and enjoyable. Keep sending us your stories, and we’ll post them here on Cariloha’s blog.