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Cariloha Bamboo Products

Cool Down With Cariloha Bamboo

Who would have ever thought that clothes, home décor, jewelry, and bath sets could be made from bamboo? When I told my husband that I received an opportunity to review a bamboo skirt, belt, and earrings he said it is made with what? I said bamboo! My husband then said bamboo?? Yes dear bamboo!! I then proceeded to show him my bamboo skirt and belt. I told him to feel it as it was the softest article of clothing I have ever owned. My husband was amazed how soft it is and that it is made from bamboo.

The pleated skirt has a drawstring tie and crocheted trim. The Bamboo skirt feels as soft as cashmere. In addition, it comes in colors White, Chocolate, and Black. It is made with 60% cotton and 40% viscose from bamboo. I typically do not wear skirts. I was never comfortable wearing them because my skin always felt glued to the fabric. However, when I received this skirt and tried it on it felt wonderful. My skin did not stick to the fabric instead it kept the moisture away from my body.

Bamboo Belt that is handcrafted with bamboo and coconut segments and cotton strings. The belt is durable and hefty. This belt compliments the bamboo skirt nicely.

These earrings are made with bamboo in natural color. In addition, they carry various sizes and variety’s such as large, medium, and small in hoops, tear shape, and diamond. They also come in burnt and natural color.

Why Choose Bamboo?
You probably want to know what makes bamboo unique and better than using traditional cotton made clothing or other items.

Clothing made with bamboo is more comfortable than those of traditional materials. Due to the highly absorbent nature of bamboo, clothing made with it is able to remove water from the body up to four times faster than that made with cotton. When hot and muggy weather occurs, the wearer feels cooler, drier, and clothing does not stick to them. In addition, the clothing is more breathable due to the fibrous structure of bamboo.

Bamboo presents a natural resistance to bacterial and fungal collection due to containing a bacteriostatis agent known as bamboo kun. This is also can be spelled bamboo kunh. Yet, no matter how it spells the natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agent presents order producing bacteria from growth. The result is that clothing produced with Bamboo is hypoallergenic, and maintains a fresher odor.

Aesthetic benefits are gained from the fibrous structure of bamboo. Clothing tends to be more wrinkle-resistant than that of other materials. In addition, lower temperatures are required to provide a pressed look. Dyes absorb faster into the material creating a vibrant appearance longer than that of cotton and other materials.

The growth and use of natural bamboo products such as clothing produces an ecological benefit. Neither pesticides or fertilizes are required as a result of a natural characteristic of fast growth. Just the growth of bamboo naturally improves soil condition and prevents erosion. All forms of bamboo clothing biodegrades one hundred percent without producing negative pollutants such as methane gas.

Cariloha offers multiple products that are made with bamboo. Clothing, home décor, bath sets, bedding, jewelry, handbags, accessories, and more.

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