Cariloha Bamboo Goods for Khumbu Climbing Center in Nepal

Recycle, renew, reuse, and replenish – bamboo is something we should all live with. Everyone who wears and uses Cariloha Bamboo goods is inherently giving back in some small way to a more earth-friendly world. Here at Cariloha, we’re not saying that you or us can save the world by ourselves or be the greenest person on the block, rather one small green act is one step in the right direction toward a more eco-friendly you and a greener world we all live in.

Recently, Cariloha donated several of its bamboo products to the Alex Lowe Foundation where 100 percent of the money raised goes to the Khumbu Climbing Center in Nepal. This climbing center is a place to train Sherpa Guides in the Everest region on safety protocols. The effort has been stepped up recently in response to the deaths of 16 Sherpas in an avalanche on Everest this past Everest season.

Khumbu Climbing Center Nepal - Alex Lowe Foundation

The Cariloha bamboo product donation and Alex Lowe Auction were held during the Psicobloc Deep Water Solo climbing competition this week up at the Olympic Training Facility in Park City, Utah. More details about this event and donation were featured at the Momentum Climbing gym near Cariloha’s worldwide headquarters in Sandy, Utah.

The Alex Lowe Charitable Foundation (ALCF) is dedicated to preserving Alex Lowe’s legacy by providing direction and financial support to sustainable, community-based humanitarian programs designed to help the people who live in remote regions of the world. This foundation carries on Alex’s spirit of adventure.

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