Cariloha Bamboo Goods Featured in Orange County Register

Cariloha Bamboo Goods Featured in Orange County Register

New Tenants for Pacific City include Menswear and Eco-friendly Goods

Pacific City, a shopping destination with seashore views of Huntington Beach, has added a handful of new stores.

The center opened in fall 2015 and has been steadily adding boutique vendors and restaurants to its sprawling, outdoor-inspired space.

The stores to open at the center in 2017 are:

Sport of Kings Forever Young: The store sells locally made men’s clothing. Items at the store include fleeces, hats, jackets and tees. It held a grand opening Friday, June 16.

Cariloha: The group’s first store at Pacific City opened May 27 before holding a grand opening Saturday, June 3. The store tore sells eco-friendly bamboo products such as mattresses, pillows, sheets and clothes. Cariloha is based in Utah. It has 20 corporately owned locations and 40 independently owned locations.

The Pacific City store is owned by locals Kevin and Lisa Long.

“In addition to hiring local people to help run the store, we believe the products are incredibly soft and comfortable and environmentally friendly,” said Lisa Long. “We hope the local clientele will embrace our soft, cool, clean and green bamboo products as much as we have.”

Bamboo fabrics are 3 degrees cooler than cotton, repel odors and wick moisture from the skin.

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