Cariloha Bamboo Bed Sheets Ranked Number One

Cariloha Bamboo Bed Sheets Ranked Number One

When it comes to enjoying your bed sheets, Cariloha knows it’s all about the comfort, which is exactly what Thoroughly Reviewed believes, too. After hours and hours of testing, Cariloha was ranked number one for the Best Bed Sheets on the market today, beating out other fabrics like Egyptian Cotton and Jersey Knit. At the end of the day, Bamboo Viscose is what you’ll want for the best night’s sleep of your life.

Best Bed Sheets

“There are many things to consider when buying bed sheets, but after 80 hours of testing we nailed it down to the most important thing of all. Comfort. Don’t worry about the endless types of styles, colors, thread counts and materials. This review is on its 3rd edition as we continue to test new sheets on the market. You’ll be surprised at our latest test.”

Finding the Right Set

“Bed sheets are one of those purchases that can be nothing but a hopeful guess. No matter how pretty a pattern may be there are several other factors that go into a good quality bed sheet. To make your purchase and choice easier, we have put together a bed sheet review for you, featuring the top selling sheets on the market. You can compare the ten top sheet sets to find the right set. Two of these are number one best sellers on Amazon as well.”


“You’ll discover what makes these bed sheets top sellers, what qualities they have and what customers think of them. All of the information will be in one place, eliminating the need for you to search the internet trying to figure out which sheets will be the best for you. Our goal is to give you the information that will get you the best quality sheets for your money.”

“With all of the choices available on the market, it’s valuable to have a resource such as this to help make the choices easier. A great set of bed sheets not only looks good on the bed, they can actually improve the quality of your sleep. Continue reading below to learn some great information about three types of bed sheets that you will enjoy having on your bed.”

Best Sheet Video Analysis

Top 10 Bed Sheet Sets

*The Cariloha 100% viscose bamboo bed sheets do not have an exact thread count however they are comparable to 1000 thread count egyptian cotton. When compared side by side they feel softer. This is why we display the thread count 1000+.

1st Place – Crazy Soft Classic Bamboo Bed Sheets from Cariloha

“I’m a little surprised to say this, but we have a new number one bed sheets set. I thought Egyptian cotton was the best there is but that’s until we tried the bamboo sheets from Cariloha. Wow! Pretty much sums it up. These sheets, while not as thick compared to the 100% Egyptian Cotton, are even more comfortable. I didn’t think that was possible. My test consisted of making the bed with the 100% Egyptian Cotton sheets then putting the Cariloha Bamboo Sheet set covering half of the bed. There is a big difference in the overall softness and comfortableness of the sheets, especially when you are under the covers. I tested the California king sheet set that comes in 4 pieces. They advertise that the sheets are softer than 1000 thread count Egyptian Cotton. Well, they are as advertised. They have ultra deep pockets, 18 inches to be exact and fit perfectly on our pillow top California king bed. The pillows are just as soft. Cariloha is designed in the Caribbean and made in Turkey and best of all they are eco-friendly.

See the the exact set tested here. They are around the same price as 1,000 thread count Egyptian cotton so give them a try because you won’t be disappointed.”

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