Bora Bora Really is as Good as it Looks – Cariloha Verified

Five years ago, our parent company created its own custom incentive program, called Overboard Rewards, for Port Lecturers who work on cruise ships all over the world. Based on them hitting certain promotional targets, Port Lecturers earn points that can later be redeemed for a huge variety of prizes. Recently, two outstanding Port Lecturers redeemed their Overboard Reward points for a dream trip to exotic Bora Bora. Here’s their story….

Bora Bora Getaway Sponsored by Del Sol & Cariloha

Dear Cariloha & Del Sol Team,

We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for one of the most memorable vacations Luis and I have had to date!

It all started in April 2009 when Luis and I boarded the Explorer of the Seas after a 3-year hiatus from working on ships.  We were so excited to hear everyone’s stories of what they were buying from the Del Sol catalog with their Overboard Rewards points [our port lecturer incentive program].  We started thinking about what we would like and also about how easy it would be since Del Sol and Cariloha are simply the easiest and most fun stores to talk about! After ending that summer on the Freedom we had approx. 120,000 points and we looked at the catalog and then heard from others that you could also create your own trip.  Luis and I decided to LET IT RIDE.

We thought we would wait and see how many we could get over the next few [cruise] contracts. Then came the [cruise ship] Oasis in 2010, and the Allure in 2011.  Wow, what a ride! To our amazement, we had accumulated almost 600,000 points! We had always wanted to go to Bora Bora after hearing about it from so many others; and after looking into it, we realized the hotels were crazy expensive and thought what a perfect place to spend our Del Sol dollars.  Thanks to Del Sol and Cariloha, we spent 12 – yes TWELVE nights at the beautiful Le Meridian hotel after our Allure contract.

Bora Bora Getaway Snorkeling - Sponsored by Del Sol & Cariloha

We spent the days just lying in the sun, snorkeling in the turtle sanctuary, snorkeling off the balcony of our hotel room, shark diving, sleeping, or just relaxing in our room and constantly pinching ourselves to remind each other we were not dreaming! It was one of the most memorable vacations we have ever had, and we never would have gone without our Del Sol and Cariloha points.  Thank you for the incentive and thank you for the memories.  We love you!

Warmest regards,
Luis & Shelby Rojas

Bora Bora Getaway Hotel - Sponsored by Del Sol & Cariloha

Bora Bora Hotel Room Floor - Sponsored by Del Sol & Cariloha