Bamboo Sheets Prevent Night Sweats and More

cariloha bamboo bed sheets

Most bed sheets provide typical bedtime benefits; they warm you up, cover your body, and hopefully make you feel comfortable. Not only do Cariloha bamboo bed sheets match those, but they also provide some atypical benefits that keep the following Cariloha customers coming back for more:

“We bought sheets on vacation last month but just put them on the bed last night. All I can say is OMG; these are the best sheets ever! I just wish you had a bigger variety of colors (preferably darker). I thought my flannel sheets were soft…they feel like sandpaper in comparison! Thank you Cariloha!” – Dia N.

“Received my sheets!! I had night sweats that wouldn’t quit. I was hoping that these sheets would help and…drumroll…they did! It’s a miracle! I am so excited! I didn’t wake up during the night and didn’t wake up with a wet head and pillowcase! You have a customer forever!” – Mary N.

“We slept on the new sheets last night. Amazing. I am going to take a nap now. Just to use them again!” – Don M.

What else do you love about your Cariloha bamboo bed sheets? Are they giving you better dreams at night? Please do tell.