Bamboo is a Miracle Purifer – Find out How it Can Impact You

Bamboo Charcoal by suvajack on Flickr

Bamboo Charcoal Effective Purifier

Charcoal from Bamboo may look insignificant, but it has amazing qualities -it can cleanse germs and even harmful chemicals from the foods we consume daily.

It also works wonders in keeping fruits and vegetables fresh longer.

Talking to Hueiyen Lanpao in this regard, Director of Manipur Science and Technology Council (MASTEC) Thingujam Surendranath said that vegetables and fruits that we consume and the water we drink every day can be made free of germs and other harmful chemicals with the help of charcoal made from Bamboo.

He explained that when fruits and vegetables are kept in water dissolved with one or two spoonful of powder of Bamboo-charcoal, all the germs and harmful chemicals can be cleansed easily.

Similarly, drinking water can be purified and made safer by dissolving some Bamboo-charcoal powder.

Bamboo-charcoal is also helpful in keeping the vegetables and fruits fresh for longer period of time as it can absorb ethylene gas given out from these vegetables and fruits.

Keeping Bamboo-charcoal inside rooms or almirahs can also cleanse the air and help in maintaining the level of moisture.

Another amazing quality of Bamboo-charcoal is that it can absorb electron magnetic waves emanated from television, computers and mobile phone handsets, Surendranath added.

He further explained that Bamboo-charcoal collected from simple combustion or burning is not as effective on account of its softness and sooty nature.

For effective cleansing, Bamboo-charcoal should be collected from slow burning process of the Bamboo wrapped in aluminum foil with only a small tiny air outlet.

As the smoke start appearing through the air outlet and the burning process completes, the remnant should be dipped in water for cooling.

The charcoal collected under this process is harder and has no soot.

Source: Hueiyen News Service / N Sanajaoba
Imphal, November 08 2011